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  1. so much exhilaration! can't control! o/ The North
  2. Best of luck, Lyrositor! Hope to see you establish the "hard"-relaxed Neutrality that you envision.
  3. Do people not offer jobs to people who've already applied for other jobs? Surely the premise is wrong, if "poaching applicants" was ever defined. It's the individual's call to join an alliance they want to, and their options shouldn't be filtered by the gov that they are about to pledge allegiance to. Until they are actually a member, I wouldn't consider it poaching. Just my opinion though.. not like I'm the one sending recruitment messages lol Anyways, I don't believe it was necessary to apologize unless there was a need to show the serious respect/admiration for the "victimized" party. Either way, I respect BoC's decision to post their minister's apology. Hope everything works out for you 2. o/ Conroy, LF o/ BoC o/ ESA
  4. boobs... wait sorry...... boobs... oh sorry.... wait, what was I gonna say? err... oh yeah! o/ UPN & TEE edit: o/ boobs
  5. I think the game allows for situations like DBDC to be resolved. I would think the lack of an aid cap would advocate for this, as long as there is a significant majority of the income made by opposing parties. Also, the war system is far more expensive than it should be. It's unfair that people who actually support/use the war mechanic, at least in the political spheres, are at such a disadvantage to neutral stances... especially when wars are declared for injustices to smaller alliances in the game, or for prevention of the abuse of power, ect, ect...
  6. Best of luck in whatever you choose to do, Dia Congrats to all the people in their new roles. o/ DIEC
  7. Best of luck for all of your goals, BoC! PS. LF, sorry for not getting you those graphics
  8. lol anyone else could have made that statement and your reaction would be non-existent. I disapprove your bias assessment. ... but you'll do anything for that propaganda right
  9. Our actions have been the results of your "coalition's" actions. Honestly the T(A)C war could have been avoided had you just simply tried to be friendly to us, rather than isolate us further. A little diplomacy from the start would have brought the better out of UPN's reaction towards you. Planning to bring down EoS, was not a friendly move, and were it not from Hereno, I don't believe your allies would have let the thought go. Your propaganda is clear bs. o/ The preachers of community
  10. Nation Name: Delta Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=7960
  11. o/ Under o/ New UPN o/ Hansarius o/ Saru
  12. I'm a bit late, but thanks for the awesome game featues, Sheepy! Already starting to see an increased involvement and activity from alliance members.
  13. I like the idea of a separate page for alliance activity. A sort feature for the different types of activity logs, on a page just for the logs, would put the cherry on top of the sundae (for me at least).
  14. It really was fun Casey. I enjoyed all those convos with Death, you, and ppc times, and I hope you've enjoyed our company on orbis. Tbh, this makes me feel a little empty. It puts an end to a really long chapter in upnw's book that I'm not sure I was ready to finish. but... Hopefully we can carry on the legacy that was EoS, for you. To all the other Spades, hope you like your new homes. What is dead, may never die. o/ Ace of Spades o/ EoS
  15. haha yeah, dat moment when you suddenly experience a score loss and you have no idea what happened to that member, or even, who that member was. <.< added to original post.
  16. Is it possible to add a section to the alliance page where we can see our alliance's membership activity. Maybe it could be integrated into the announcements page. Examples: Bro124, a legionary, has left the UPN. Bro124, a member of Raiderbros alliance, has declared war on somexample, a member of UPN, for the reason of "cuz f my pixels". kappa has applied to the UPN. Bro125, an applicant, has withdrew their application. Ender Wiggin has accepted kappa into the UPN, as a member. somexample has been inactive for 7 days. Hansarius has transferred cash from the bank to kappa, because "he's being attacked". kappa has posted a trade in the alliance trade section UPN and Bros4life alliance have chose to share an exclusive market. Underlordgc has posted up an Alliance Announcement, here. Nation1, a UPN nation led by Inactivebro, has been deleted due to inactivity. ect. ect. Maybe we could discuss a comment feature, for anyone within the alliance, to comment on the events. It seems like it would be a good way for non-gov (who are new to pnw) members within alliances to get integrated towards the whole alliance atmosphere and maybe stimulate some more awareness about what is happening within the game. Thoughts for this?
  17. From our perspective the comment was definitely not amicable... from TAC's, it could be. "Purple aggression" is what I refer to as unnecessary leg pulling, but wtv... To better days! o/ T(A)C
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