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  1. It's unfortunate yours can't be spilled. 154 turns to go. Hope the war is still going or at least the terms involve you going a few cycles on your own.
  2. I am *SO* surprised. I said this would happen in August. https://politicsandwar.com/forums/index.php?/topic/15715-paragon-announcement/?p=264280
  3. Pixel burning is always a positive. Why else do we accumulate them. o/ to a future where the same wars stop being fought.
  4. People care about Scientiam/Hestia/Ryleh/Cu-somethingsomething/whatever name he goes by now. Truly baffling. Interact with him more. He's a cross between LH (from (That terrible game that is totally irrelevant and I shouldn't be bringing it up anyways)), Methrage and IyIyth. In terms of the BK and NPO drama. I like most of BK and having not really bad to say about them. I would like to see who joins the AA because there has been no internal issues minus Hestia and maybe his one lackey.
  5. Sounds like fun. I look forward to seeing who joins the AA.
  6. Glad to see you selected the continue being a moron route. I eagerly anticipate the future.
  7. Just in case no one as ever told you, I will, you are a moron. From this point forward you have two options: a. figure out how to not be a moron or b. deny it and continue to be a moron for the forseeable future. The choice is yours.
  8. I will reply to both of these at once. The wonderful thing about simulation games are that time either proves a party right or wrong. I am willing to revisit this post in a few months. This may be a valid point. I have been absence for quite a while, but within the realm of PnW I have not seen any actions taken by Roq that would cause me concern. Yet, at least, but maybe I am misinformed. Careful with all that edge you may cut someone.
  9. NPO has no interest in obtaining peace. Our allies aware of our position and have not voiced any complaints of it. If you wish to engage everyone that has already accepted peace that is your prerogative. There is no real reason to conduct negotiations. Reps of any sort will also not be accepted or paid by Pacifica. If NPO has no interest in accepting peace or paying reps, why continually discuss peace? I would suggest that each side stop discussions and reach out every ten days inquiring if anything has changed. Quit wasting each others time. I imagine if the war drags on long enough reps will be paid for NPO to agree to accept peace. At a certain point it is no longer viable for the winning coalition to deal with it. Besides, the longer the wars go on the less money there is for reps. Increasing the amount doesn't do anything, but hurt your cause. We have no interest in negotiating or hearing anything to do with faux morality or this is how it works on PnW. It only works if your successful at achieving it. This is just my .02. I imagine I'll be ignored or shamed, but the reality of the situation is this. Roq has 95-100% of the support of the membership (there are a clown or two in every bunch) and we're very aware of the status of peace talks. War is the option we have elected for the foreseeable future.
  10. Lol. I've said my bit and have nothing else to say. I'll be sure to refer VE/Rose back to these posts in the very near future.
  11. How is that not respectful? To turn the tide you either: a) consolidate the base and eventually skim off the satellites enough to win. dissolve the nucleus of a side and hope the winning side eventually cannibalizes itself. Neither of the above happened. It's not logical to suggest that or that any t$ side signs Rose/VE. Signing would signal an attempted consolidation of a new sphere. (See: Cannibalizing itself.) The t$ side does not need more NS. If anything it needs less or at least a continued target. I have also seen the MADP /somewhat neutral to World Affairs (GUARD). Disbanded. It did not work. In short, do I think that this could help reshape the world? Yes, but it'll be after VE and Rose are ripped limb from limb. They're still enough of a threat to not be let off. I suppose you could always sign them and have them take the brunt of the beatings to prove themselves. I have not been active in the politics in the game ever, but the underlying point remains. This thread just furthers the point on why a successful coalition could never be built. Like I said, Mutually Assured Destruction. Nothing against them personal, but I call it like I see it. I also do not think I have ever spoken to Rose/VE. Just a casual otherworld player with a PnW nation.
  12. Excellent. Mutually Assured Destruction for you both. In b4 curb stomp.
  13. A reasonable response and the first time. I approve. (Why are all the emoji's so bad.)
  14. Let's see if I understand this. Most of us had played nation simulation games for quite a while. (3-10 years). Yet people still come to the Alliance Affairs in attempt to tell their version of the truth. Everyone already has a side and knows what party line they're going to support. Is there any benefit to this or do you all just enjoy wasting time in general? Edit: Changed OWF to Alliance Affairs.
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