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  1. Thank you for half a decade of winning! All the best to all of you guys 😁 For the ones that really wanted me to lose, go ahead and declare I'll login from time to time so that you guys have the opportunity to try haha
  2. We have been doing it for the past half a decade and then some.
  3. May this be a testament to the game that if you build too much cities, you will be sitting ducks.
  4. Playboi, don't pretend like you don't know what time it is 😛 We been doing this same shit for the past 5 fricking years
  5. I always enjoy shiny ass amazing lookin ass glossy ass graphics
  6. Uhhhhh, it only takes a few clicks and a few moments to look back for your posts... Anywho, happy birthday habibi!
  7. Buying cities and giving out loans
  8. Da frick is this. @Hilmes was crucified for this type of shit and nothing for @Nizam Adrienne. This ain't it chief. Nah jk, I was always down for the cause with the same war rerun again and again. Keep on keepin on TKR fam bam! frick you @Smith
  9. It would have been nice if he put the ad up.
  10. I think you missed a d in your nation name.
  11. We're so fricking salty that we lost our hegemoney, that a new alliance was created.
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