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  1. Parenthesis in parenthesis? Who do you think you are?
  2. The amount being produced is severely outweighing the amount being used in war. I figure that if the econ projects were scrapped, the next war would actually cause a dent in market supply. Adding the military projects is supposed to solve the other problem of having no variance (there's a better word to use here) in war.
  3. I don't hit alliances based on their in game themes, and neither does Fark tbh. From what I can tell they hit these guys because of racist comments outside the game. My comment was more towards the flawed public opinion that Facism is horrible and Communism is okay.
  4. That's how it should be. Alex rules don't and should not extend past what happens in the game.
  5. Scrap all the econ related projects. They create too much money and resources. Add s bunch of varying military projects instead. It'll make the game fun.
  6. Yeah because having a communist is so much better, lmfao.
  7. Why wouldn't I buy a bond from Stratton instead? I get the 3% return and know when my money is coming back. You guys don't even start processing my withdraw request until one month after I request it. You also haven't explained why people should trust that you can trade efficiently in this market.
  8. I'm hoping for a OWR vs WTF showdown.
  9. Eh I'm pretty sure a lot of people would still !@#$ about no cb even if IQ said they had none.
  10. You didn't put a time limit. How would anyone know when the competition closes.
  11. I bothered Partisan for months to make us paperless.
  12. Woah buddy. I have a birthright to power.
  13. I was hoping KT would pass Pantheon in the rankings to complete the absurdity of this protectorate agreement.
  14. o/ o/ o/ The better name won
  15. Oh god Git Gud is actually winning. Lame.
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