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  1. Currently, when you are going to war with someone, there is really nothing they could offer you for peace. Sure, you could send resources by trade, but its possible that either the attacker takes the resources and keeps fighting, or they make peace and the defender does not give up the resources. I think the best solution would be that, when offering peace, it opens a page (Similar to the page where you select your soldiers in a battle). Here, you could select what resources/money you are offering (If any), or chose to surrender. Surrendering offers your opponent an instant war win. For those asking why you would do this, lets say someone declared an attrition war and is ruining your infrastructure. You could try to surrender, and although you would lose the war if they accept, it could prevent some infrastructure loss. In the end, I feel like the ability to offer resources directly for peace would be a great addition to prevent scamming, plus it would make diplomacy much more common and realistic. I hope you consider the idea!
  2. While I do see some of your reasons, I would like to say that if you change your clock for any reason (Including traveling to a new time zone), it skips your next MAP to stop exploiters, which could explain the first one. So do make sure you didn't do that by mistake.
  3. On the spy ops, I feel it would not be too necessary. (although if someone decommissioned my missile then I would want to find them.) For the approval ratings, I love it!
  4. Yeah, I was thinking they would start at 0, or the neutral zone and their current rating would be ignored, only taking in new changes.
  5. Currently, approval in the game does not do anything but give others simple ideas on what you are up to. I have a few suggestions to improve this. You should allow the approval to enter negatives for a start. 0% would be a zone with no effects. Now, for some effects: When at high approval, your nation should get bonuses, such as maybe a better economy, or military units being more motivated to fight for you and thus more efficient. When you have low ratings, you might have higher crime, military costing more, workers in resource making buildings less efficient etc. This other bit I could go without, but it would be cool if each city had an individual happiness, making them possibly get population faster from people moving there, maybe more money, or something like that. Ways you could help this could be to build parks or carnivals. Now, some problems and solutions: Players already have 0%? 0 is the neutral zone, so nothing would happen, they would just need to try had to get higher. Approval hard to come by? Add more ways! Maybe being promoted and demoted in an alliance could ad or remove approval, or maybe every $1M you get total adds a little bit! Alex, I truly hope you consider this and think about my suggestion. Some things could use balancing, but overall I think this will certainly help the game be realistic. -Haymckid
  6. I would recommend having an alliance, as having a strong one means protection, loans, money, etc. Going without one can be bad because people can hurt you without others coming to defend you.
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