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  1. Hold on…since when have we used offshores lmao…lol don’t even know that
  2. @DamienWeven if you do get that princess it’s not like she’s gonna want someone like you 💀💀💀
  3. Ok look we now know that president tembe is a spy. There is no need for this war.
  4. We can’t counter, don’t assume that I’m not doing my job.
  5. Well the FA is currently on vacation and nothing is being done
  6. The Coven. It's an alliance that's 46th place out of the many alliances out there, and they're strong. Recently though their members have been showing that they aren't so strong in the head. A nation in The Coven, called "Cyclodon" has been attacking NSFN members with the cb as "Blame Kaka'' and even more recently had their members declare war on me, accusing me of coerced nation deletion, and making other bull claims without evidence and no base. When we tried to do some FA with their leader, turns out he’s a…well let’s just say he’s a intolerable person. They claim that me and Zippd wanted them to reach out, you know what i'll just show you what they said word for word "Ah yes, two of your leaders Zippd and Kaka asked us to reach out to your member base as some of them were being threatened and extorted." Which again this isn’t true. Now whether they’re attack us because we actually have a shot at being a good alliance or their leader just needs someone to bring down to make himself happy, I'm not gonna put up with this. I actually feel sad because there’s probably some very respectable people, even people I’m friends with in the coven who are being fed this bull. Now where are the screenshots? Everything and more, you can find in these links below! https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=10063&display=war https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bQ6SUvHZQSdsA694ahFpgTOORnkzJf4A0KNpQOXRddc/edit I have no idea how we’re gonna handle this as I am secretary of Milcom and it’s my job to figure out this. Please don’t get offended by this (ik someone isn’t gonna like this) and to the coven, STOP ATTACKING OUR MEMBERS! Have a great day.
  7. Damn and the fact that some people only want to raid him since he’s dead…smh
  8. You will be missed by people who didn’t even know you, RIP.

    1. Joe Schmo

      Joe Schmo

      Rest In Peace, Redarmy.

  9. Damn I didn’t expect to find this on pnw…this breaks my heart. May this amazing person Rest In Peace.
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