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    Tameez Abramjee
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    The Millennial Global Empire
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    The Millennial Global Empire

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  1. Yes We Can, make The World Great Again.


    The Kingdom of Kingdoms! An alliance in the form of an empire.

    The Millennial Global Empire is the Kingdom of Kingdoms. An alliance that acts in the best interest of all its members(kingdoms) as one unit which is the empire. The leader is the emperor which is the king of kings. Members are Kings and Queens as representatives of their kingdoms in the Empire.


    Together we cannot be defeated. Together we will grow.

    Join us today and we will appoint you a role that best fit your skill sets. Let's work together to form an alliance like never before. An Alliance in the form of an Empire. An Empire by unity and intelligence. Yes we can, make the world great again


    To join, click the join button at our alliance page:


    Also join our discord server at:



    Yours Sincerely,
    Emperor Tameez Abramjee

    The Kingdom of the Millennial Global Empire

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