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  1. I am in the middle of europe and i wanted to adjust my nations borders since i have alot more land area then before now, but it says it will change my continent from "Europe to Europe" and consume a location change + destroy all my resource imrpovements except for farms. Anyone know how to fix this? Cuz im not keen to have to rebuild/rebuy every single of my reosurce imrpovements. Edit: it even shows this when i don't change my borders and click on "save/recalculate map"
  2. May we meet on the high seas landlubber!
  3. thank you! This was very informative and also without any sweet-talking of new-player traps.
  4. Thank you for the recommendation. Yes arggh looks like a sensible compromise.
  5. Ah so the gist of it is: If you want any attempt of success you need to join an alliance where you will pretty much be forced to do whatever the alliance tells you do and give up most of your decisions and resources (the amount depending on the alliance). Wish i had known this earlier. I thought this was a game about doing politics and guiding your Nation forward. Yet now i realize to have any say in my own internal and especially external affairs i need to slave away as a pawn to an overlord for a while. Even then i will never be able to make independent diplomacy. Getting my arm twisted into Min/maxing the way my Alliance wants it to. Welp... But thanks for the insight everyone. Atleast i was proven wrong with the assumption that i would get replies only from elitists who'd rather scare away new players than be a normal human being. Atleast y'all are nice.
  6. All the Alliance advertisements i have seen come off like slimy snake oil salesmen and i heard the meta taxation is to just take everything from the members and have them get their resources only through war. Frankly i don't wanna be an alliances money farm and wanna be able to play how i want and attack who i want. And whenever i hear the 100/100 taxers talk about it "benefitting small nations the most" and getting "huge sums of grants" i feel like im looking at a pyramid scheme advertisement. I also personally don't find it appealing having to go through days of application processes. Is it possible to go solo or will i be easy prey alone?
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