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  1. Woah, kt man bad. HoF man good.
  2. Zurg congratulates the first snake on the moon. But then he remembers he is a snake and loves his time spent on the multiple moons he has visited. Zurg is now upset for the false claims.
  3. I'd like to see a system in place where the game doesn't crash every single war...
  4. See yall next month with a dow I guess...
  5. You must fight back when we take your cows to get probed. Why can I reply to you in your reply
  6. For telling us what to do, we have decided to take another.
  7. πŸ‘½πŸ›ΈπŸ‘ΎπŸ„ The sky had been a thunderous mess, a dark grey cloud had rolled over the great peaceful plains of Mr. Whale, Mr. Whale had inherited the Pixel farm from his great great grandfather Jebediah Whale. Mr. Whales had grown rich growing Pixel cows to sell in the town market, yet something felt eerie for Mr. Whale. The sky seemingly looked darker and greyed than ever before, before he knew a deafening sound rumbled the ground around his shack he trembled, even the air felt different, it smelled like burned pixels. Mr. Whales stood up, perhaps it was time for him to enter his humble home, he thought as he walked and headed home. Another deafening sound made him turn around in exceptional speed, it was not a lightning strike instead it was a large disc shaped flying ship, a green ray emanating from its lower side into Mr. Whales Pixel Cows began to lift up a pixel cow from its pen. The ship was incomprehensible in its structure, a shifting and varied conjunction of lines and numbers, itself a complicated riddle. Mr. Whale rushed into his shack grabbing his trusted rifle as he ran out onto his porch to fire upon the incomprehensible ship, but they were in vain. It's complicated structure impervious to the bullets from his simple primitive rifle, before he knew his farm had been ransacked by the Space Invaders. Mr. Whale sank to his knees and cried his whale eyes out, for his pixel farm was violated and his fields were burned with the message "Space Invaders are here". Tl;DR: Space Invaders declares it's existence, its sole purpose is taking your cows. Space Invaders is a new raiding alliance with old and new leadership! No taxes & quick automated access to deposits Optional grant/loan programs, and free resource conversion Guides and Opt-in mentoring by excellent raiders to teach you the game Friendship and quirky members to entertain any type of person. Some of best raiding, warring and stat-padding tools Anyone who can be active and raid is welcome to join us 1. Apply ingame! 2. Join our Discord! Join our discord mothership for any inquiries, and complementary probing Contracts: Hire us to fight or threaten other farmers Treaties: We will only align ourselves with other raiding alliances Diplomacy: Members find their own targets, and should be contacted individually for peace Emperor: Zurg High Command: Borg, Riddler Low Command: Ayush234, Leo, Lich, Panky, Rockychososo no, we will not return your cows
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