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    Alexander Philippou
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Alexander, the Great, son of Philip of Macedon, reborn in an alternate reality version of Texas which finds itself in the content of Africa's heart on a world known not as "Earth" but as "Orbis"—orbiting around Proxima Centauri c. He rose to prominence as a powerful diplomatic leader after his birth to a middle-class family of political heritage. Currently he is both the President of this idealistic Republic of Texas and the supreme commander of her armed forces. He expands the quasi-Texian empire to the corners of this world with a strange penchant for a democratic-republican style of government. Powerful nuclear weapons and strange orbital weapons of mind-boggling technologies are employed in the Texian arsenal and few nations dare to impose on the Texans' free-spirited will. On this world, Alexander approached other great powers in order to form strong alliances and valuable friendships—to this end, the Aurora, as it was so named was found one night by Alexander while under the influence of the Cannaberry plant. As he thought aloud about needing to find powerful allies while gazing at the brilliant reds, blues, and golden yellows of the aurora, those he would later know as Toxic Pepper and Kan materialized with technologies far surpassing that of Texas at the current time—utterly stupefying him. He told them of his desires and his background; they shared story & ale that night. When the moon rose to its peak the visitors left and told Alexander that their contact would be imminent but in the meantime put him into contact with a previously-unknown base of theirs named Borealis. Alexander sojourned there in the coming days and was met by George Putin and other members of this offshoot of the Aurora. Alexander spent many nights here finalizing agreements and treaties while signing NDA's and making them all the same. Finally, the deed was done and a spaceship was sent from Kan to Alexander's abode. Here, he was given the golden opportunity of leading a fleet of his own to fight alongside the Aurora itself, allowing his legend to be firmly imprinted with yet more accomplishments.


To see more of the idealistic Republic of Texas, visit the NationStates page here!

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