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  1. I’m no good at goodbyes... We all will miss you dream, good luck.
  2. Best of luck to y'all!
  3. Linky


    lol. typical sam, here to dicatate over the place he thinks he rules, get ready, be warned.
  4. The Saint Lunian Paper Today in orbis 10/19/2065 The Lunian Ministeary Office phone rang from the austin province They annouced their fustration on the constant change of government They annouced their seccession, The Lunian government decleared war This has now lead to the provinces seceding, leading to civil war! More will be edited to this paper soon as this devolpes.
  5. Nokia, I wish you a the new hedgefund the best of luck, and I hope we can see you again i future, I will miss you, We will all miss you.
  6. no need to be toxic. who knows. Good luck, and welcome to orbis GIF!
  7. I didn't say anything, unless your speaking of another luna. nvm.
  8. NCE died with honor, and now i must be in one who takes your place!
  9. Huh, well the gw is done now, we are now free of worry.
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