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    1. Suyash Adhikari
    2. Scatheon aka Blast

      Scatheon aka Blast

      A very old friend

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      Suyash Adhikari

      You can probs get theirĀ email from the guardian forums

  2. Do you serve any waffles of the blue variety?
  3. I think all this stat [email protected]#$-waving is dumb to begin with, so I'm loath to talk about it, but it really isn't surprising that an alliance that doesn't have any nations above C21 and have the vast majority of nations under C10 isn't dealing as much relative damage as alliances that have much higher average city counts. With tons of cities to support much bigger militaries, a range of enemies that have much more expensive things to blow up, and a tight-knit group of players that are very experienced in the game, that really should come naturally. That being said, though, I do agree that you and Voodoo are definitely punching above your weight class when it comes to stats, and that we certainly could do some improving. Don't tell Jaden I said that though.
  4. I am very sensitive and have many feelings.
  5. You didn't shower yesterday either.
  6. I feel the need to participate in this thread but we used to be good on pretty good terms with @Adrienne and @Indger and I would prefer that not to change so I'm not comfortable engaging in this snarky smack talk with them. But I don't think I've met @WarriorSoul or @Who Me yet so I'll go ahead and say that they are smelly butts and also other things about how we're really good at blowing things up and they aren't. En garde.
  7. After @Adrienne mentioned it, I did a forum search for "cheeks", filtered down to posts that also contain some kind of iteration on the word "clap", and got around 40 results. 14 of which were from you. Now here's the 15th. I don't know about anyone else but I feel like we're getting near the end of Bart's "I didn't do it" career.
  8. Hey did everyone like my meme I googled Orange is the New Black memes and found this one because the OP is a reference to Orange is the New Black which is a television show which features this character and also it says I feel great about this which is also a reference to how I'm actually feeling about the change which is certainly great and it all just fits together so well anyway okay how do I post this
  9. The double standards in this world are crazy, I tell you. You say this on here and get upvoted. But if I say it, I get weird looks, get told "sir, this is a kindergarten", and the cops called on me.
  10. So are we calling the The 522 War or are we calling this The 522 War?
  11. We disavow all knowledge of being a top 15 protectorate.
  12. We're waiting until we hit #1, then we'll be adding on another protector or two.
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