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  1. Hi everyone! (Hopefully i'm doing the right section) I go by Shang or Shanghainese, doesn't really matter but most people call me Shang. I am a member of Rose and I'm just here to introduce myself cause why not (also just pure boredom) and also because i never did so before! I am also a part of the Econ department of Rose which is pretty fun. With this war, just good luck to everyone! We may be working together, or enemies, but I wish the best of luck to everyone! And hopefully I can get to know some more people in the community too! That'll be pretty pog haha. Best of luck with this current war! -Shanghainese / Shang
  2. I just had a question about my Nation Score Over Time and Score Component Breakdown Charts as they are no longer showing up. I've had this problem for about 2 weeks i would say. I'm not sure exactly what it causing this problem but I hypothesize that it is that I changed my leader name to A_Shanghainese, <-- has a _ in the name which could be causing the problem? That was what was brought up when i discussed this with my alliance, but we aren't exactly sure. Some other friends in my alliance also seem to have the same problem, but I just wanted to get a definite answer on why it isn't showing up anymore. I would love to change my name if it were the problem but I have no credits and I already used my free one to change my old leader name from BreadBao to A_Shanghainese. The image attached shows my "charts" of my nation which aren't showing up. If this problem could get resolved soon that would be great! Thanks!
  3. Aright thanks! And yeah lol ig it's a dream come true as we both immigrated to California at the same time, which can be pretty fun
  4. Hi, so I was just wondering if I would get counted as a multi by accident. I found this game just about a week ago and when i found it I referred it to my friend, which he also started playing a bit. We live in the same house so we share the same network. Is that allowed or do we both need to get verified? My friend has slowed his activity and isn't on as much as I am and may just go on vacation mode later, but should we both get verified?
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