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  1. PS it is nice to see Yarr continuing to follow the doctrine I put in place years ago - You can fault me for many things, but training and indoctrinating my crew is not one of them. i had no idea that Human Over was alive.
  2. This reminds me of that one egg that became the most liked Instagram post lmao
  3. First time I heard of Treasure Trading, I thought it was just some kind of status with a bonus rather than a tradeable item
  4. @DaBigBawss , I'm really sorry for harassing you for the cereal video :sadYEET: Talking to you and enjoying your memes was one of the most enjoyable experiences I've had since playing PnW (not too long ago, so I haven't experienced much yet) You will be sorely be missed, at the very least, by ya boi Mutsu (a.k.a PurpleElefante). Good luck in the future! P.S: The cereal photo will be shared to #the-balkans, not as a meme, but as one of many marks that you have made in RON as a whole
  5. None has finally risen from the depths, it won't be too long until they declare war on every bloc. In that case, we are screwed. GG time to permaVM
  6. For me, the $100m bounty is a Declaration of Existence by itself. I remember going to through the bounties when I first played thinking that I should try bounty hunting (which I found out was a bad idea at my level) and the first thing I saw was TM
  8. We're no strangers to love You know the rules, and so do I! Say goodbye! Congratulations SCAM!
  9. Ngl, I never knew 60% of these existed lmao, might as well check em now I guess. RON takes my S for sure
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