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  1. 1080421902_CoatofArmsofCossackia2.png.9dccaf50d51a1763e8c4b6a26680d193.png

    Pavitistvo Kozatskiya | Павитиство Козацкия 
    Pavitelstvo Kazakiya | Павителство Казакия
    哥萨克政府 - 哥薩克政府 | Gesake Zhengfu
    Pamahalaan ng Bansang Kosakya | Government of Cossackia

    April 6, 2021
    Pep Talk to the People

         Fellow Cossackians, I want to tell you all something today. Something that you are all aware of already. Me, as Premier, is still wanting to see action. Our army is large, however there are no opponents. We are getting more hate from the Anti-Gacha Community as a result to our actions. All I'm saying is we need to take action.

         We can't just sit down and wait for it to happen, we need it to happen. Why are the Anti-Gacha people not attacking us? Why don't they make a move? It's like as if they are cowardly bragging that they won the war. The war is not over yet, it will continue on for many months to make it to a decade. I still believe that Tommy Parky and his allies are not finished. I still believe that they won't show mercy. I still believe that the people he had spread his word to will come to us and fight.

         And if you still can't understand, our cause is this and it is written in our charters. The Gacha Community is becoming more oppressed because of the cringe, but people still believe that the community itself is not verminous. We became one of them when our good comrade Abby showed us Gacha Life. As we remained in the community, we all saw the writing in the wall. We saw all the violence, as in we saw all the chaos and fear it has. We then moved on from Gacha Life to Gacha Club to modernize. We then created this nation and established it, we swore that we will fight for the Gacha Community, that we will soon fight the imperialist ploys of the people.

         But even though we succeeded, and even got to a powerful alliance, not everyone seems to care as people assume that the Gacha Community is a so-called "cringefest." Most of the people living in Cossackia are Gacha, and not only that, Robloxians and Minecrafters lived together with them in harmony as they all realized to the great truth. We are here to fight for that cause, and we won't rest until Anti-Gachanism will disband. We see Anti-Gacha as [email protected]#$ Germany, they are the fascists and the confederates that we despise.

         Simply put, we won't rest until we achieved one of our main aims. And I have haters in YouTube telling me negative things about Gacha. I am aware that talking about Gacha is taboo, but the Gacha Community is divided. That's why I am willing to stand up to them and express my thoughts. That's why I wanted to play a role in history, to become someone like a revolutionary like Vladimir Lenin. I wanted to help the people rise from their problems and troubles, so that people will no longer suffer the pain. 

         We, Cossackians, are a people of great bravery and confidence. We are people who won't give up and give in. We are those that stood up against larger nations. We do not hesitate to fight to the bitter end, even though if it means that our nation will be erased. Even though that we are treated like Jews. Even though we are looked down upon by our superiors. And as your leader, indisputable and glorious, I will set the example of our unity and of our unrelenting fight to our goals. I have the unanimous support of the people, because they knew that I have fought pollution, crime, and inequality. Because they knew that women get 50% of the Politburo Rada. Because they knew that our cause is just. Because they knew that we pursue happiness and liberty. Because they knew that we are all equal. And because I did the impossible.

         I know that I am crazy or insane, but we are all in this together my brothers and sisters. We can stay united to fight and to achieve. For we are glorious, strong, and free men. We are the people that want to play a part of history. We are the people that wanted to be heroes, to soon make everyone heroes. We are the people that fight for the rights of humanity. And we are the sacred East Oriental Slavic Austronesian people. We are blessed by God to guide us, for we live with him too.

         My fellow young citizens, never forget as well that Cossackia is not yet lost. It's not yet lost as the lands of the Poles, Ukrainians, and Jews. We will never be concussed by lies and slanders. Because I know that you will always be with me. God bless Cossackia. Thank you.



    PM. FM. Karla Edison' Fuentesovich Soyokov
    Premier and Commander-in-Chief Field Marshal of Cossackia

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