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  1. Prefonteen is correct, Coalition A has seen everything to Coalition B's Trickery just to ruin the game. We here at Coalition A won't be fools here. So Coalition B, give in, stop wasting our time and your resources, rebuilding sky high shows that you're being bullies and picking on the weak/small one's and forcing anyone in Coalition A from New to old users just to VM till the War is over "If the war will ever be over" or quit entirely. Now, come to the table and give up to OUR demands, ya'll in Coalition B were caught Red Handed and doesn't deserve the win for tricks and cheating.
  2. To be fair, you need to have a very high IQ to understand the kindergarten behaviour of this war.
  3. I can understand these logs due to how shady Coalition B is during the entirety of this war.
  4. James is right by all of this and as for all to Coalition B that the Jig is up and your evil deeds/schemes need to end. Coalition B has been caught Red Handed for all of their Trickery and needs to give into Coalition A's Demands instead and let us have the Win and if you think that's the wrong idea then please, show yourselves the VM and Delete Buttons and don't let the door hit you on the way out or just continue this endless war till all of your resources are gone and wasted our time for Coalition B being bullies in the school hallway.
  5. All I know on this war is that it'll
  6. Can't wait to see Global War 14 "Unofficially named as the Dial Up War" nominated as the Worst Declaration of War for the P&W Awards 2019.
  7. True but you can always dream and yes, finding something that can get things done instead of letting the enemy be too stubborn to give into peace depends on what can or can't be done.
  8. 1: We did at first 2: Wow, that's just highway robbery, harassment or whatever 3: Of course since Coalition B can't get their heads straight 4: Coalition B is the issue since they want us to give into their demands and to also acknowledge that their military strategies, Leadership and other things related to military matter are the best while Coalition A are sore losers. All I know is that all of Coalition B's representatives for the peace talks are a bunch of barnacle heads. 5: Nope, It's Coalition B and their impossible demands and acknowledgments 6: as said from #1 We did at first 7: Same reason as before which shows that Coalition B has no representative skills whatsoever. 8: Correct 9: Still, Coalition B is the stubborn old man issue. That's highly and a proven actual fact, the more the leaks go out during an Orbis Global War or even Medium to Small Scale wars will prolong it to where no one wants to play the game anymore and will prefer to VM and or Delete. All I can say is that it's Coalition B problem and should be blaming themselves for the impossible demands they wanted and like said, leaking more during a war doesn't help to achieve peace, it just prolongs it. Well, Maybe Coalition A can turn it around since idk who's left in the Whale and or High tier that can take on Coalition B? And yes, it is indeed a big waste of time on Coalition B's end to prolong the war. We're almost at 6 months and Coalition B are just playing the game of annoyance and stubbornness so it'll still drag on till who knows when? It's just like how Knightfall was, TKR and Friends continuously refused to come to the peace talks due to demands they didn't want at first, Arguments/fights from internal and foreign affair text channels or Peace talk servers to personal and group DM's and leaks kept on going out and onto the forums "and maybe P&W Talk shows" which prolonged it and then the Holidays to which no one wanted to even bother during that time and peace was achieved on February first with an IQ & Friends Victory since it took the entirety of January to get the peace terms/treaties done so something tells me that it might be a repeat of Knightfall. But who knows? I'm just a guy that gets uptight/mad and complains about everything as my Downward Spiral pushes me further and further into a black hole.
  9. Actually almost Six Months and if it continues onto the new year then yes, both coalitions are wasting their time and resources since Coalition B and their whales won't stay down while Coalition A is being pummeled to the ground. Sounds like it to both sides anyway. Well, no one can peace out or anything but that's understandable.
  10. Hmm, I see and also, everyone in Coalition B aren't even happy with anything at all. All they want is their "Achievements" while wasting their time and resources "despite whales on their side that won't stay down."
  11. Yeah, the more the leaks then the more both sides will get people to the table and agree on peace. "Said no one ever" Like the more you leak, the more people will continue this war regardless and peace will be a distant memory to where no one wants peace at all and instead want an endless war to get people to quit P&W.
  12. Sorry, I'll edit it. I just can't think due to the Flu/Cold. >.<
  13. We're almost into December and there is no peace terms or whatever to be seen anywhere, nobody from Coalition B wants peace right now and as said in the past that the more the people give up hope for peace, the more people will VM and or Delete. So I don't see Peace until the Holidays are over since no one wants to stress themselves when everyone is setting things up for Christmas and the coming of the new decade "aka New Years" while spending it with Friends, Family and loved ones over a peace treaty. We can try to get Side B to the table in January? But eh, no one cares right now and want to strangle at each other's throats. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. I came onto this thread seeing on what was going on and wow, GOONS are indeed getting worse each and every day, find the user responsible or GOONS should be dissolved/disban by force. The ban hammer is waiting.
  15. At this point that we may as well delete if that happened. Almost anything was Nerfed and or removed like Baseball has been nerfed due to loopholes in the code, Keno & dice had been removed due to Loopholes in the code as well, even the two hour wait time was modified due to everyone pressing the reload button too many times which kept on crashing the server. We now have Mods/Admins from the Game, Forums to Discord tightening their belts and starting to warn/ban people more often than ever before due to anything like GOONS being Far Right, being toxic or whatever and the game becoming and say it with me in the quote "Family Friendly" due to the toxic pipeline breaking apart from everyone's behavior and now you want WAR to be nerfed and or banned will be suicide to the mechanics of the game which it'll just become another Nationstates or a Money Farm Simulator like Farmville or Cookie Clicker. I think it's time to remove the Word "Politics" since there's barely anything related to Politics and people just hating each other to toxic behavior like it's Mario Kart/Party and Super Smash Brothers. So the Game of War is the only name we need. Btw, you should of been I.P Banned months ago or are you using a VPN or someone else's Internet/Computer, Changing your Internet Service Provider "ISP for short," Changing your I.P Address or to wiping your Cache/Cookies in order to bypass it? @Emperor Jonas II You can get into a lot of Trouble for Ban Evasion.
  16. Okay, here are some memes. Benito Mussolini: Hirohito: And Francisco Franco: There, now it's a party, a Fascist party.
  17. This is gonna be good. Please allow this.
  18. You also forgot about the Kim Dynasty who are still killing, starving and torturing their own citizens while displaying hostile acts on wanting to nuke the world *"Mostly the U.S, Japan and South Korea* or Vietnam during the Vietnam War who tortured PoW's and who knows what they're doing now a days, same thing as to Laos, we don't know nor care on what they're doing, You're right on Mao but even his successors had continued the Police State like the Tienanmen Square Massacre which killed a lot of people protesting for Democracy, Freedom and Capitalism and against the Communist, Collectivized one Party Authority or not playing fair in the World Trade Organization to stealing Technology and Intellectual Property and making Bootlegs out of it or how about Xinjiang which is killing a lot of Uighurs in the Mainlands Concentration Camps, Suppressing Tibet, Xi Jingping becoming Presitator (President and Dictator in one Communist Package) for life and scraping the two term limit for President, Spying on everyone from the "Made in China" Label, Threatening to take Taiwan back by Military Force, almost getting annoyed with the Hong Kong Protest to wanting to do Tienanmen Square 2.0 and breaking the rules set on the One Country Two System's Policy and using the Belt & Road Initiative as a secret way to turn Free Nations against the U.S and get debt trapped so that the Mainland can take over the world one by one like say a Company or a port for like a 90+ Year Lease while spreading Communist Influence in any nation they wish to desire once something is taken from that country.
  19. Okay, now Goons are affiliated with Communism.
  20. I honestly don't get this thread, something about Profile Pictures or whatever has to do with Goons? The Title of this thread seems to be misleading and contains click bait?
  21. Hmm, this sounds like a war is unfolding after those events.
  22. More like it'll end after the Holidays and somewhere in the new decade is more like it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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