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  1. Some people are liking this idea and the rest are well...... going to continue stressing themselves to death over a stupid war to peace treaty and be negative as usual to ignoring this thread. I've said it before in the past during like October and November that nobody should stress over the war when people are setting up Christmas and New Years while celebrating the Holidays with Family, Friends and loved ones so a Cease Fire and VM's should be put in place right now and it'll continue in 2020 like January 2nd but it seems that some people aren't into the spirit of the holidays anymore within P&W and want to grab at each other's throats and suffocate one another till they're dead. So it seems that trying to have a Cease Fire failed.
  2. Let's see how long this will last by start of the new decade. keep track people since being Paperless doesn't even last long until you're asking for treaties and or protection.
  3. Also @Eva-Beatrice sorry you have to go through that kind of trouble but hey, you're in a better alliance now so there's that. That's how I felt after leaving tCW too many times in my own regretful path but I'm happy where I'm at and that's CoA
  4. Go into VM and enjoy the holidays right now. That's all.
  5. Suffer the most? Hmmm? Hang on, I'll transfer your call. Hello, you've reached the Church of Atom's Automated Phone Service. If you want to join then press and or say 1 now. Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't catch that since we're on the net and not on the phone, oh well "hangs up." Join the Church of Atom and feel the real things about freedom and being a Nuclear Atom. Radiation is good when it comes from the Right Alliance and we are the bomb. The Radiation those Knights are putting out into the Atmosphere is just too dang orange and needs more green. Join today! This alliance recruitment message was brought to you in part by T$, CoA, Stone Age Gamer, Cutting Edge Gamer, Skillshare and Nord VPN
  6. Seems that this will resolve the issue since I think that someone DDOSed the game? If anyone can confess to how this happened or show that you have DDOS equipment and or software then you'll be in a lot of trouble with the feds, the FBI, FCC, NSA and or the Secret Service. I want answers to this right now.
  7. At this point that we may as well halt everything and go enjoy the Holidays. How does that sound?
  8. At this point that P&W is falling apart.
  9. I sort of put that out but it's a different story.
  10. I decided to follow into Minesome's thread and expand the idea from Positive reactions to removing the Reaction System entirely. "I know this thread I've made is a joke but eh." Now hit me with those Downvotes "oh wait, the downvote button was removed so hit me with those other options instead"
  11. I could of put the other word from the Original Bender quote but the forum staff will give me another warning point for that so here's a replacement word instead just to please the "Family Friendly" audience.
  12. Could use some "DOWNVOTES" since this is the worst edit I've done so far.
  13. As said, welcome to a Facebook/Twitter Clone and the new era of P&W which is more "Family Friendly." Sad how that changes though. We may as well end the war in white flags/draw and delete our nations and move on. I bet the next generation would love P&W more than we veterans anyway.
  14. Baseball completely removed instead of Nerfed or war which some people kept on suggesting
  15. Yeeep, this game is now Family Friendly, No arguments and Dislike Mobs here. Emplemon was right all along.
  16. Welcome to a clone of Facebook and Twitter, Will Youtube Join in on the Trend for removing the dislike button after the 2019 Rewind? Who knows?
  17. Filmore is indeed telling the truth. Coalition B is stalling peace in the efforts to drive members new and old to VM and or Deletion. Even my prediction to stalling peace is due to the Holiday season so that makes two reasons why that peace won't happen anytime soon like maybe it'll be achieved in January or February? But who knows for sure? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  18. Coalition A and B getting ready to be beaten via the Warn Points system by Mods, Admins and Alex, 2019, colourised
  19. Meh, why not. Make sure there ain't any spelling errors, grammar errors or whatever and edit it if need be.
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