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  1. No, NPO is no longer dominate after your government got caught RED handed for copyright infringement of illegal scanlations from Korean Comics while using a tax farm "alliance" which was cheating and keeping the war going for almost 9 months. Good for you, you're realising that NPO is now getting the hate it deserves "and hopefully that a lot of alliances will cancel treaties to an alliance who'd cheated so that a perma roll can be in order." Do be remindful that NPO won't last forever and could one day disband since I'm giving that advice now before NPO goes further down its own downward spiral to no return which will further tarnish the reputation of NPO. But whatever, stay around and let NPO be the punching bag anyway if you so wish. Thalmor is right you know and so am I. Sounds like this person never learned what Privacy is or just a next generation of teens who have no respect towards others since idk? True, very true. Just keep on talking out of your behind since you have no idea for what was going on behind the scenes besides offering lip service from your gov members in order to keep the TRUE facts hidden and acting like the screenshots are fake. Were you apart of NPO's Gov when it happen? I don't think you were in NPO's Government. So you're just putting out filthy lies so keep on talking till you're finally weak and ran out of things to say. Btw, I would make fun of and or insult your grammar and typing skills @brucemna but I'll get a warning point for it so I can't do anything about that.
  2. The Florida Natural Orange Juice brand is the best since it's freshly squeezed Oranges so I side with them.
  3. You're still failing to realise that NPO has done everything illegal and cheated the game and are now gaining the hate for it. But YOU are sucking up to NPO's Propaganda Kool-aid and trying to lie to the facts that are true. NPO illegally gave scanlations in one of the GPWC Text Channels in order to use their nations as tax farms which now has been removed or moved to another server in order to keep the evidence hidden from reaching Discord's Trust and Safety Teams hands just to give I.P Bans to NPO's Government "which they do deserve to have bans due to copyright infringement," and overall, just cheating for In-game materials while GPWC members who are clueless in seeing what's going on behind the scenes and think that P&W is more like Farmville when really it was a Tax Scam Operation just to keep this almost 9 month war going and refusing to give peace. I think that the entirety of NPO's and GPWC's government should be ashamed for doing it and have the book thrown at them "book meaning being brought to a legal court" to which NPO is now on a downward spiral scandal after caught red handed. My thoughts on what's best for NPO is to finally give into peace and just disband since they can either be more of a punching bag via Perma roll/war and loose treaties to where you're paperless and no alliance wants to team up and keep NPO protected or just choose to disband. So it's one of the two choices, choose wisely or don't at all. Let's be reminded that scanlations are illegal and apart of piracy so please.
  4. Wrong place to report it. You're looking for this thread in order to make a report. https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/forum/133-game-reports/
  5. I think that GOONS "wait, I mean GPA, Wait I mean Octavia" is going through an identity crisis?
  6. Tankobite is right and so are the others who do agree that NPO won't be fine no matter where the future path is going after being caught for cheating and etc. I think it's high time that NPO finally closed up shop and disband since the Reputation to NPO as a whole is now tarnished and deserves to disband or continue being the punching bag to where you'll have no more treaties and protection which results in a Perma Roll. Now choose wisely is to either finally admit that NPO had finally messed up and should come clean and disband or no one wants a treaty and protect NPO to which ends in a perma roll.
  7. Wow, you're such a suck up to NPO like the fanboy you really are. Grow up and realise that NPO is on a downward spiral to no recovery, we know what your alliance has done and are already gaining that reputation of being hated by others in this community. So it's for the best that NPO disbands and move on to something else before it further tarnishes to another scandal anyway. Btw, saying that "NPO will be fine" tells you that you're such a suck up to their propaganda kool-aid. NPO will not be fine and will forever go on it's downward spiral to no return.
  8. Do you want NPO's Reputation to further Tarnish? So it's best for NPO to just disband if it continues.
  9. Oh haha, how cute of you trying to defend your own alliance in saying "Oh, we did nothing wrong or broke the rules and law and we didn't deserve to see our gov members banned which was unjustified and GPWC getting a forced disban to where NPO doesn't deserve the hate either" Listen, NPO did what they've done and got caught red handed for it, the bans were justified and the only thing left to to find more evidence and let Sheepy, Law Enforcement and the Discord Trust and Safety Team get things done from the NPO Gov's side of the story "since they were the one's that have caused this" to which they need to tell the truth than keep on lying and having members like YOU defend your government masters in even more lies and act like it never happened "when in fact it did." If things end in a guilty then NPO will have no other choice but to Disband but if it's Not Guilty then we can give up on this scandal either way.
  10. Still, letting people pay to read illegal scanlations of manhwa, doxing members and even Alex, ddosing the game's website and forums, Using your Puppet Alliance as a tax farm and taking their Money and Resources to fuel members and gov of only NPO which even those members from GPWC are told to just log in before going into Gray while isolating GPWC members from interacting with the rest of Orbis is pretty much a stupid decision to illegal rule breaking actions. So NPO broke the Rules/Guidelines and ToS to P&W and even Discord since once caught for cheating to illegal activity then you should confess and give up to the law. NPO's Reputation is forever ruined since it's finally the best decision to Disband over the current scandal happening to NPO and GPWC. @Alex is looking over everything, getting evidence while making reports to Law Enforcement, Attorneys/Lawyers, and Discord's Trust and Safety Team so everything can be searched for the final verdict to be brought into light. It's just finally time for NPO to disband if everything is found Guilty but if it's not Guilty then whatever man. Btw, we also want confessions from the banned NPO members and gov that they're making false Accusations to the Google playstore and Apple App Store Reviews.
  11. Thanks. And yeah, I'm not the best at making cities myself As for Garry's mod, I only go to the Cinema servers and see what others are watching anyway so that's pretty much it.
  12. You also forgot about Discord as well since they may or may not have broken their rules as well.
  13. https://steamcommunity.com/id/madden8021/games/?tab=all I have nothing to say about my wasted hours on the games I have in general because meh, not gonna care ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. The Hippo has a point, btw, the P&W app was removed on the Apple App Store as well but no one cares. Also, I think the banned NPO members could target the P&W Discord Server by contacting the Trust and Safety Team in some kind of report and accuse it for hosting disgusting pictures or whatever since if they did then they're sinking pretty low on their reputation.
  15. Ah, well, I don't have to worry about that person now since I already have two BK Members "One gave peace when BK announced about the disban" trying to put me down over my nation rebuild. But hey, not like I was gonna get any new national projects anytime soon or even a new city either. The P&W App got removed from both the Playstore and the Apple App Store so it clearly shows that P&W is starting to fall apart even further on the P&W Downward Spiral World Tour Yes but the app was now removed from both the Google Playstore and Apple App Store because of the Accusations of CP, Threats and other such disgusting things.
  16. He was also trying to war slot people last I checked "and yet I was one of them in his war list before his nation got deleted" That's true by how you put it.
  17. Let's say it like this, Both sides are pushing each other for the Delete button or ruin friendships because of this almost 9 month war while seeing others doing illegal activities like Cheating, making threats legally or illegally and whatever else just to break the rules/guidelines and ToS within the game, forums or discord just to get banned for it or even arrested. Sooner or later that P&W will be put into its grave if this continues but whatever, continue what you like to do but ?In the end, it doesn't even matter?
  18. Yeah, seems that Entering ENCOM from this thread was a lie just to rebrand as a GPA Knockoff so they're not leaving any Discord Server or stop using the forums after all. Seems that GOONS will be GOONS anyway. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I wonder how long this rebrand will last till another "ENCOM" Post appears as another lie to rebrand again? Who knows but will have to wait and see. "btw, take a drink for each rebrand you read since it's making me sound like a Cable Support caller from Comcast who keeps saying Cable Box"
  19. You know, with the NPO Gov and some members being banned from the game/forums then this should also link the same way to their Discord users within the P&W Main Server of all places as well. Even their Discord Servers "NPO, GPWC, and their illegal activity servers" should be searched by Discord's Safety and Trust Team "Meaning dragging them into the investigation scandal" just to make sure that if they did break the Guidelines and ToS then their accounts and servers could be terminated/deleted. Just putting that out as an idea at least. https://discordapp.com/guidelines https://discordapp.com/terms Btw, remember that CHEATERS never win in the end or get away with it once caught.
  20. Ah. the war is ending slowly I see. Good, Good.
  21. You took the words right out of my mouth. This war has gone for FAR TO LONG like seriously, we're almost 9 months in and with a new global war that's concurrent to the Dial Up War and Nobody cares but want to grab at each others throats till one of us hits the delete button and leave for good. I think it's time for both sides to give into a white peace and end it once for all, apologize or whatever and end the hostilities "until another global war decides to change it" but for now that it's time to end it.
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