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  1. I'm finally free from P&W and deleted my nation and following the steps like Zeebrus and Lene Hue and just never return. I'm finally happy to leave and to anyone who "Secretly" and or actually hates me then you can celebrate my departure/deletion since I don't want to return anymore.


    However, If you do wanna keep in contact with me then add me on Discord and we can chat, VC or even play games like the Jackbox Party Pack "Btw, the Jackbox Party Pack is really awesome and such," Skribbl, watch T.V and movies or whatever.


    And if you want to play any Steam Games then add me on Steam and plus, you can find me on a Garry's Mod Cinema Server named Swamp Cinema and we can also watch Youtube videos or anything good that way as well.

    My Steam Account: https://steamcommunity.com/id/madden8021/

    Swamp Servers: https://swampservers.net/

    Well, I'm on my way and will be passing on. That's all from me mm kay, Bye!

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  2. Thanks for most of the departure messages and plus I lowered my vm time in order to bring in my deletion faster.


    But I'll still put this out that I really just don't want to return ever since my five years with P&W and the last two with my downward spiral all the way up to my final decision in wanting to delete since I pushed people away over one little problem that I took too far that got me banned from the TKR Server, kept on smurfing up my reputation to almost ANYONE that I turned away to where they really no longer like me and might be secretly hating me, kept on getting warned for what I've wrongfully done to outright forcing a friend "you may know who I'm referencing with friend btw" to leave the TKR Server "which almost got me arrested for it" and where my insanity finally hit me to the decision to leave and delete was due to after the 9 months war is where Polaris got into a conflict with some alliance and was told to fight "WHEN I WANTED TO RECOVER MY NATION FROM 9 MONTHS OF LOSING EVERYTHING" where I got high taxed for not obeying to fight in that worthless conflict "when CoA and Polaris were doing fine without me" which I left CoA and got raided by Elijah Mikaelson and some T$ Members "because I had a green gem" and that's where my leave/departure post came to be 2 months ago. I finally just can't take it anymore so to anyone that are and or might be secretly wanting me to delete and leave will get their wish once the VM Timer is up.

    Is there anyway to change my mind for me to stay you may ask? Idk since nobody wanted to give me any ideas on what to do in order to get unbanned from that bloody TKR Server so smurf it. Like said that I'll be deleting and moving on while some people celebrate my departure.


  3. I think my five years within P&W have hit the end of the cliff, I'm leaving immediately and will just let my nation rot till it auto deletes. Sayonara. "also, if you think that this is a reroll scheme then no, it's not, this is a true fact and that being here for five years says that It's time to go anyway"

  4. On 2/26/2020 at 10:53 AM, Alex said:

    I find the use of "offshore" alliance banks a confusing gimmick that doesn't really improve Game Play. Alliances are effectively forced to use this gimmick to remain competitive, and I think that discouraging its use would be better for everyone. I have a few suggestions on how to do that:

    • Set stricter standards on alliance creation:
      • Nation must be at least 30 days old to create an alliance
      • Nations can only create one alliance every 30 days (to prevent constant new alliance creation)
    • Disable alliance banks when alliances have less than 5 members
      • While the specific threshold could vary, in my opinion every "real" alliance has at least 5 members. This requirement would prevent frivolous 1-man "offshore" alliance banks, and would increase the probability of an offshore being raided (and thus discourage the use of "offshores" altogether)

    I think that these changes would discourage the creation and use of "offshore" alliances, which again, in my opinion don't add anything valuable to the game but instead force others to use the same gimmick to be competitive.

    These improvements to game mechanics would help to eliminate situations like this: https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=7244

    That alliance has one nation with 0 score and is effectively "unraidable." Alliance banks are not intended to exist to eliminate the possibility of money and resources being looted.

    Hmmm? Maybe we should wait until another global war that would last even more than 8 to almost 9 months and then see the problem of "Offshore Banking" since I usually don't like the Idea of Offshore banking myself due to hiding your bank like weak alliances would avoid and save their bank from being raided but eh, let's just wait and see on what happens in the next global war and if this issue arises again then yeah, do something about it. For now, let's get to the main issues and add in more national projects, fix and clean up the site, forums and wiki, and even work on the bugs and such.

  5. I even got the same bloody thing but it came from a no message user so I deleted it. "I''m being serious"

    I swear that it's coming from Deleted/Banned NPO members or whatever to those using VPN's just to avoid their I.P Bans but someone needs to get to the bottom of this. - _ -

  6. On 2/8/2020 at 5:31 PM, brucemna said:

    Don't worry about NPO, will be just fine.

    This is now coming back to haunt you in saying that "NPO will be just fine"

    You're loosing members via Mass Deletion.

    Does NPO look fine now? To what I know is that it isn't fine anymore. NPO's Reputation is now tarnished and finally knowing what's best and that's to disband from further embarrassment to their already doomed future. So I was right in the disbandment thing so where's your argument now huh? Oh, you don't have any reason to fight back but to know the truth via the hard way and even realise that NPO now has a tarnished Reputation to P&W. So Disbandment was the final option instead of continuing to stay and be the Punching Bag while loosing Treaties which will then end up paperless just to have a Perma Roll.

    Btw, no alliance should have a treaty to another alliance who would cheat and do illegal activity, that kind of embarrasses them as well if they back someone who'd cheated in the first place.

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  7. 5 hours ago, Dr James Wilson said:

    Well if he closes it, some of the random NPO members that have never posted before until ordered to do so will never get to share their opinion on what a bad man alex is for removing a bunch of cheaters and their rss farm thus leading to more catcalls about bias from waaaaaaaaaaaaaay in the back of the room. 

    Most of the cheaters were banned from using the forums as well from playing the game so no need for their bickering on here anyway. They may ruin Sheepys life by doxxing, stalking and harassing him and his family, friends and the people he loves or even writing stupid reviews on Google Maps, Google Playstore, Apple's App Store or Yelp but doing the same here is denied. Maybe it is good to close this up since it is getting out of hand with the remaining NPO and GPWC members trying to lie and bicker while the others "including me" are trying to put the truth into their dense skulls but denying it like the weak people they are and acting like it never happened when the NPO scandal is happening right now.

    Also, it seems that everybody has forgotten about this statement and moved on as if no one has even seen/read it or cared to read it anyway.gmyHzXp.png

    You can tell that @Alex was being serious about it since this was one of his warnings and people pretty much ignored it and continued on by grabbing each other on the throat till someone leaves the game via delete or VM mode all because of an almost 9 month war that couldn't end.

  8. On 2/10/2020 at 6:34 AM, kalev60 said:

    Disclaimer: sadly none of those are official TCW talking- or viewpoints represented in this one at all.


    Finally our Socialist Overlord/Communist furry  Sphinx more familiarly known to some  as the Snake from down under,  is not confident enough on his iron grip of power to call another few weeks as "democratic elections" for TCW. His clearly rigged em, paid the key officials in IA and these elections are just for show  indented to consolidate his image as the one and only glorious leader of TCW to keep his insidious and down right wrong and oppressive economical policies in place, which tax the whales 100% while supporting the plebs who are too young to know anything about real loyalty or effectiveness in combat.  While I have always been considered as the Shield of Democracy in the TCW even by previous prime ministers and canadian mad-men like Justin076, current elections being such an obvious ploy that I just had to speak out against em publicly... 

    Also if anyone on is interested in my election platform the DNA has published the whole thing at TKR forums, it´s my most lit platform to date, if I do say so myself...   

    Also DNA endorses only two candidates so far in the elections: Kalev60 and Aesir because the GPA mascot  paid well for the endorsement :D:D



    You did realise that it was rigged right? "just like the 2020 election we're soon about to have"

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