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  1. Hmm? If it's really over then the Wiki Page needs to be updated for the Great Leak War I assume? As for the Dial Up War Peace Treaty/Terms? Still nowhere to be found.
  2. Sad to see CoS drift off into space with no Koolaid left
  3. Antman is 100% correct for the CB Reason.
  4. Now I regret apologizing to YOU when you were talking about the Pantheon Bank Raid in the TKR Server that got me all flared up about. I'm still banned from their server to this very day from the downward spiral that I created over an argument that led to a ping spam ban. You still deserved that Ping Spam anyway. Maybe I should turn my downward spiral and anger towards you and North Point instead of anyone in TKR and the people I turned away within the past Year. Anywhom I'm gonna let this topic get back on the rails since I'm already uptight over this and shouldn't derail it any further.
  5. I know I'm gonna get warned "and possibly suspended" for being yet again in a no discussion zone but this is total nonsense. I wasn't informed about anything for crying out loud. And what does he mean about "warning this person?" They were the ones that should've WARNED me first before hand since I did nothing to NP or anything to them at all but whatever. Btw, I had plans to rebuild but these three stooges had to ruin it. Well, I said what I had to say and will be waiting for my suspension from the forums. "ugh" - _ -
  6. No, it's still going on.
  7. This is gonna be something.
  8. Not really, he gave up after 2008. Garry Johnson and Jill Stein Gave up after 2016 so the Door is open to at least try and see both big 3rd parties reputations regain traction instead of being continually mocked, laughed at and not taken seriously.
  9. Is there an option for 3rd Party and or independent voters? We have a voice as well.
  10. It's the downward spiral since they really don't know who Emplemon is.
  11. Blah blah blah, at this point that the message is clear. Some people using the reports for forum and in-game as a weapon of destruction to other users, Some Features removed and or modified overtime, toxic things since the rest of 2018 and all of 2019, GOONS and Noctis Smack talking back and forth, GOONS being well, GOONS on everything wrong they're bringing to the Community and this war that's still dragging on and bringing in even more toxicity. Will this madness end? Who knows at this point? P&W is on the Downward Spiral to it's grave and nothing's gonna stop it any time soon or at all.
  12. Ugh, get off the Thread, all of you and let Alex and or the Mods handle this situation. Now, GOODNIGHT!!!! - _ -
  13. I think this Thread should be closed so the toxic can be removed so Shut your Trap no wait, the entirety of GOONS should shut their traps and Disband. As for Noctis, It's just for the best to leave and be free.
  14. MaliciousOnion should be ashamed for putting up the same forum report in the same day. "Which is Technically spamming" GOONS should stop their conquest to ruining P&W by Harassment to others, Lawsuit Threats, Illegal Threats like DDosing to Doxxing, Having Pedophiles in their Discord Server and their members to gov and etc. This is why GOONS needs to Disband either Peacefully or by Force over the Peace Treaty demands or whatever to all of their members being banned. As for you, Yes YOU, Noctis, I think it's time to back away, delete and leave before it gets any worse since wasting time here ain't the best option anyway since GOONS has won and there's nothing that ANYONE can do about but watch them destroy and intoxicate a game to be put into its grave. P&W is done for so it's best for the time for you to leave. Sorry that I had to break the news to you but it's for the better. As for the entirety to GOONS, Thanks for ruining P&W since ya'll deserve the hate anyway and hope everyone from the entirety of GOONS gets banned to even Noctis I'm gonna go to bed and may as well wait for another warning point or see my post on this thread removed but I just don't really care since I hope that GOONS will one day leave anyway and that peace is brought back to P&W for another chance at life.
  15. I'm concerned that @Alex or any of the In-game, forum and Discord Mods/Admins haven't forced Disband GOONS while banning all members associated with GOONS and Noctis as well.We can have a little more peace and quiet without GOONS and Noctis around.


  17. Yeah, keep posting in this no discussion zone report everyone, we may as well get a warning, suspension or a ban for this. Who cares about Nazism, GOONS or whatever, just stop this toxic behaviour or else will all get warned for this. Now, cease this tomfoolery before were given the stick and yet, I'm first to get the warning stick before you all anyway since I'm on a downward spiral. - _ -
  18. Put yourself into VM for a number of days chosen or the Delete Button is your second Option.
  19. I eat, Jon, It's what I do.

  20. Some people are liking this idea and the rest are well...... going to continue stressing themselves to death over a stupid war to peace treaty and be negative as usual to ignoring this thread. I've said it before in the past during like October and November that nobody should stress over the war when people are setting up Christmas and New Years while celebrating the Holidays with Family, Friends and loved ones so a Cease Fire and VM's should be put in place right now and it'll continue in 2020 like January 2nd but it seems that some people aren't into the spirit of the holidays anymore within P&W and want to grab at each other's throats and suffocate one another till they're dead. So it seems that trying to have a Cease Fire failed.
  21. Let's see how long this will last by start of the new decade. keep track people since being Paperless doesn't even last long until you're asking for treaties and or protection.
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