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  1. You know, with GOONS Finally isolating themselves, NPO and GPWC also getting caught for cheating that it's finally starting ?The Wind of Change? 


  2. A squirt like you has been reuniting too many beans. I reckon I'll have to pioneer some new techniques. 




  4. I eat, Jon, It's what I do.

  5. I'm gonna guess that P&W got DDosed? "explains this" unknown.png

  6. Downvotes are dead, Baseball was nerfed, Keno and dice was completely removed, The Two Hour reset timer was also nerfed, Global War 14 is a never ending battlefield, Coalition A & B can't work together, NPO doing their own shenanigans like Massive Recruitments, GOONS popping out of nowhere, Racist jokes and etc. P&W is dead folks, it's now CN 2.0 and my downward spiral will never end. The madness is in a smurfed up state to the Sadness and Misey we now see today. /o\

  7. Could use some "DOWNVOTES" since this is the worst edit I've done so far. 


  8. Yeeep, this is now becoming Facebook and or Twitter. Will Youtube join in this Future trend after the 2019 Rewind? Who knows? 


  9. I know I want to stay away from the Forums but right now that I have to put this out. Plus, Idk on where to put it if I've made a forum thread about it anyway.

    Youtube is in Serious Danger to the Hard Working Content Creators which is being challenged by COPPA and the FTC and it ain't good. ReviewTechUSA and a lot of others made their videos on what's going on with the situation but still, this is not good and might be the end of Youtube. 


    We can make our voices heard or else Youtube is gone and bowing down to the U.S Government. 

    The Regulations site has a page to make your voice heard: https://www.regulations.gov/comment?D=FTC-2019-0054-0001

    There's also a Petition as well: https://www.change.org/p/youtubers-and-viewers-unite-against-ftc-regulation

    Even make a Youtube Video for your concerns on this situation, The FTC and COPPA Cannot win.

    Also, If you're a Parent then please download the Youtube Kids App from the Google Playstore and or Apple App Store and get your child off the main Youtube App.

    We now live in a world where the Government is the parent "aka, The Nanny State"

    Ugh, This is why Youtube wasn't meant for Tweens, Kids, Toddlers and Babies but whatever, -_-

  10. Yeah, I think those warning points I now have says to get out of the forums before I'd get Suspended to banned and people throw me under the bus and not wanting to be around me or want to be friends either. I know it's against the rules to "Reference" what I got was wrong but eh, I may as well stop using the forums anyway. After the name calling and Labeling TKR as a homophobic slur "Flaming, Bating, Trolling and Name Calling Warning" to just wanting to play cards with Minesome as people kept on talking about Goons or whatever "Which is Topic Hijacking" that it says that I may as well stop using the forums anyway. And now I'm referencing that I got my warnings that I may as well get suspended to banned for this status post. So, sorry for ruining the Forums.

  11. With the forums and P&W Discord Server going wild over Goons being *Insert Political Party from 1930's Germany Here* Or the situation with Epi and Homophobia while using his mod tools to silence users that it's best to sit back, grab your Popcorn *Or whatever kind of snack that you prefer* and watch it being beaten like a dead horse and burnt into a hobo trash can.


    1. Madden8021


      Nope nor will I give any hints, I already have my first warning and can't have another one *"or really a suspension"* placed on me so please guess again.

  12. Peace is happening you say?

    Well, I will note that it might happen before Thanksgiving since that's when the Holidays start since the holidays is all about spending time with your loved ones like Family and Friends and not to go nuts over peace agreements and no one wants to work on achieving peace during the Holidays anyway. We either see Peace happen now or let it continue till New Years. Up to you on the choices since I don't make them.

  13. I knew it, We're now 2 Trillion Dollars in Damages for Global War 14. https://npowned.net/pw-war-statistics/


  14. It's Fruitball Wednesday 


  15. Happy Taco Tuesday 


  16. Happy Baller Friday! 


  17. I'll also note that the current war will almost reach 2 Trillion Dollars in Damages if this war continues wRI39pH.png

  18. Well, Global War 14 *or whatever this current war name* is now officially 4 months in and counting. Let's guess how much more the war will last with even more users giving up hope and wishing for peace to just seeing anyone VMing and or Deleting.

  19. Have you finished those Errands? 


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