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  1. C  H  E  E  S  E 


  2. Ah, no problem. Yes, it is interesting that Shiho was indeed Milcom 👍 Yes, yes it was.
  3. Yeah, that video was made for laughs but I know that the unit counts are mixed from both sides so don't worry.
  4. Hmmm, true. Explains why users in coalition B are too (idk how to put it on their decision to give up anyway) so this war is permawar till they do give up. One of the either sides are claiming that they're "winning" but really, I don't see it and just dragging on to gaining their achievements and goals.
  5. 100% Correct! White Peace is the only option left since NO ONE'S gonna give up on their "goals" or anything so the only option left is to white peace and give up trying. We need to fix the mental state to P&W since everyone is fully toxic, cruel, rude, bitter and etc. So this war should end NOW!!!
  6. That's gonna be a Garfield Greenscreen Clip. "To which I know it'll attract the downvotes by the dozens might I add"
  7. Several months? I kept a good track as to how long this war has been going on and it's currently two almost heading into three which is September 17th. It'll then soon reach October to which it'll surpass Knightfall if we don't see one side giving up sooner or later since it'll be a permwar war if nothing gets done and then P&W becomes Cybernations 2 since users new and old will just give up on the game one by one if we don't see peace.
  8. Jeez, a little hard on Shiho there? By History that he's been in Pantheon in the past and was high gov Milcom https://web.archive.org/web/20170707223838/https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=1896 btw, I'm not in that server nor did I really do anything much in there so I left.
  9. Forgot to post this on my profile page but still xD 


  10. This Idea is really good 👍
  11. Btw, I had to do it xD
  12. *Yawn* It's already boring enough that new people are leaving, everyone is on the Downward Spiral *including mine since it's endless to no prevail from a year ago to now,* and the community has became more bitter, ruthless, blaming on one and another and etc. Isn't it time to just wave the defeat flags to one of either side and just give into the demands and end your quest in wanting to complete your so called *GOALS?* Look, will be almost into our third month and then heading into October to where it'll be longer than Knightfall ever was. We're also grabbing each other by the throat till no one is able to Breath and will leave the game for good. So, continue or give up? That's all it takes is to finally band together and work on some peace deal and demands/terms or will never find a solution and it'll keep dragging along till it reaches a breaking point where no one likes P&W anymore and it'll end up like Cybernations. All I can say is, Good luck in trying to work a deal, either it finally ends or P&W will be Cybernations 2.0.
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