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  1. Or we can all end the wars with some kind of peace deal/terms first and then let everyone delete and BOOM no more Politics and War. "Well, if the two current global conflicts will end that is?"
  2. I do note that if Baseball is next in line to be removed then more users will actually leave the game because of the removal of Baseball. Just like Dice, Keno and the downvote button, once it's gone then people will start to leave or complain by how it's showing even if Baseball gets removed. P&W is in a state of panic over the war that won't end with a new concurrent global conflict, Features getting removed and or changed to even P&W removing toxicity just to become more family friendly and authoritarian. Like said, if baseball gets removed then more users will give up on the game and start to leave or if it gets changed yet again then people will complain harder than how it is today. The Future of P&W is unknown for now.
  3. This is an example, I had a reason to be in this thread but once I lashed out at Akuryo for the stuff he pulled off over time "you can read above before my lashing out at Aku" and yet I still got a warn point over it. So I'm behind on what you said @Zaurg @Bjorn Ironside for this issue. And now I might get a warning point for referencing my rule break aren't I?
  4. Meh, it has been jumping the shark for like 8 months now and now another world war is doing the same thing but it's concurrent to the Dial Up War so whatever.
  5. Hmm? If it's really over then the Wiki Page needs to be updated for the Great Leak War I assume? As for the Dial Up War Peace Treaty/Terms? Still nowhere to be found.
  6. Sad to see CoS drift off into space with no Koolaid left
  7. Antman is 100% correct for the CB Reason.
  8. Now I regret apologizing to YOU when you were talking about the Pantheon Bank Raid in the TKR Server that got me all flared up about. I'm still banned from their server to this very day from the downward spiral that I created over an argument that led to a ping spam ban. You still deserved that Ping Spam anyway. Maybe I should turn my downward spiral and anger towards you and North Point instead of anyone in TKR and the people I turned away within the past Year. Anywhom I'm gonna let this topic get back on the rails since I'm already uptight over this and shouldn't derail it any further.
  9. I know I'm gonna get warned "and possibly suspended" for being yet again in a no discussion zone but this is total nonsense. I wasn't informed about anything for crying out loud. And what does he mean about "warning this person?" They were the ones that should've WARNED me first before hand since I did nothing to NP or anything to them at all but whatever. Btw, I had plans to rebuild but these three stooges had to ruin it. Well, I said what I had to say and will be waiting for my suspension from the forums. "ugh" - _ -
  10. No, it's still going on.
  11. This is gonna be something.
  12. Not really, he gave up after 2008. Garry Johnson and Jill Stein Gave up after 2016 so the Door is open to at least try and see both big 3rd parties reputations regain traction instead of being continually mocked, laughed at and not taken seriously.
  13. Is there an option for 3rd Party and or independent voters? We have a voice as well.
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