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  1. Yeah, I think those warning points I now have says to get out of the forums before I'd get Suspended to banned and people throw me under the bus and not wanting to be around me or want to be friends either. I know it's against the rules to "Reference" what I got was wrong but eh, I may as well stop using the forums anyway. After the name calling and Labeling TKR as a homophobic slur "Flaming, Bating, Trolling and Name Calling Warning" to just wanting to play cards with Minesome as people kept on talking about Goons or whatever "Which is Topic Hijacking" that it says that I may as well stop using the forums anyway. And now I'm referencing that I got my warnings that I may as well get suspended to banned for this status post. So, sorry for ruining the Forums.

  2. Okay, here are some memes. Benito Mussolini: Hirohito: And Francisco Franco: There, now it's a party, a Fascist party.
  3. This is gonna be good. Please allow this.
  4. Darn it, I'm out of cards >.< You win.
  5. Thanks for the one's and yes, I do have Jacks *gives Jacks*
  6. You also forgot about the Kim Dynasty who are still killing, starving and torturing their own citizens while displaying hostile acts on wanting to nuke the world *"Mostly the U.S, Japan and South Korea* or Vietnam during the Vietnam War who tortured PoW's and who knows what they're doing now a days, same thing as to Laos, we don't know nor care on what they're doing, You're right on Mao but even his successors had continued the Police State like the Tienanmen Square Massacre which killed a lot of people protesting for Democracy, Freedom and Capitalism and against the Communist, Collectivized one Party Authority or not playing fair in the World Trade Organization to stealing Technology and Intellectual Property and making Bootlegs out of it or how about Xinjiang which is killing a lot of Uighurs in the Mainlands Concentration Camps, Suppressing Tibet, Xi Jingping becoming Presitator (President and Dictator in one Communist Package) for life and scraping the two term limit for President, Spying on everyone from the "Made in China" Label, Threatening to take Taiwan back by Military Force, almost getting annoyed with the Hong Kong Protest to wanting to do Tienanmen Square 2.0 and breaking the rules set on the One Country Two System's Policy and using the Belt & Road Initiative as a secret way to turn Free Nations against the U.S and get debt trapped so that the Mainland can take over the world one by one like say a Company or a port for like a 90+ Year Lease while spreading Communist Influence in any nation they wish to desire once something is taken from that country.
  7. Okay, now Goons are affiliated with Communism.
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