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  1. @BigMorf how’s the view from down there, lol?
  2. Yeah, the flag is actually hella good; congrats and good luck on going forward
  3. A conventional war isn’t the only way a whale loses infra, by the way. There are plenty of whales that just maintain low infra and get to enjoy these down declares during or outside of a war
  4. CATA has Locutus, but it’s limited to only a few channels. Probably easier for Borg to debug and help assist if there’s Admin, but I’d say that’s most likely up to the alliance as far as what they’re comfortable with. The last time I saw, Locutus was in 1100+ servers; I don’t think Borg has the capability to, nor the time to peruse through potentially 10,000+ channels. I personally trust him and Locutus, and haven’t heard of any actual credible reason/evidence not to tbh I’d say maybe ask those who offshore with him, or those that know him what they think
  5. I think maybe the server you’re on gave Borg/Locutus Admin, but it’s definitely not a requirement at all
  6. Borg literally helps micros have some form of offshore protection and provides one of the only sources of public tech to them as well as 1 on 1 assistance on a near 24/7 basis. Not sure if this is a troll post or not
  7. The opening "argument" for the change was sort of oddly worded IMO, and I thought it was something like: C40 declares on c30; 10 cities difference, 50% of that is applied to nerf/buff resulting in 5% overall ^ That, I took it as "50% of the difference in city count", since, that's sort of what it says. I guess I was wrong though, based on the examples below it
  8. I think my understanding of this was incorrect; I thought it was city count numerically difference divided in half, not the city difference in percentage divided in half. I have to rethink this now
  9. You’re taking a literal single digit nerf as a reason to lump all growth into a wasteful category? You’re essentially 98% what you would be, and you think that somehow nullifies any reason to grow? Lol A c40 hitting a c35 faces a 2.5% nerf while having 5 cities more of units. Pretty sure 0.5% per city isn’t going to make everyone stop growing
  10. It’s literally 50% of the numerical city difference lol. c20 vs c10 = 5% “nerf” on double the units; this isn’t the end of the world. A c40 vs c28 = 6% “nerf on a nation that has something like 30% more units. I doubt this will be the breaking point for basically anyone
  11. I think “disadvantage” and “less of an advantage” aren’t synonymous
  12. Not sure why people are down voting; the upper tier advantage is still there, it’s just lessened slightly. This should present “more challenges” to those who might’ve solely relied on just down declaring during wars
  13. You think the current way that a c40 can down declare on c20’s, is okay? (obviously not a 3200+ infra, militarized c40+)
  14. So, my impression is that this is to help dampen the effects of someone far larger wiping you out “as easily”, right?
  15. Please, stop changing things post end, that are internal problems; isn’t it better, for all of us, if the actual causes of the problems are fixed, not covered, with, a bandaid?
  16. The point being? Are you one of those people that thinks nothing should change or improve or be added, at all?
  17. Definitely probably not the right place for this, but, yeah: Ground 1a. Snipers - Deal "higher critical" damage. (Utter Failure, Pyrrhic Victory, Moderate Victory, and Immense Triumph chances are increased when using this unit.) 1b. Grenadier - Deal wide spread AoE damage. (When using this unit, there is a 25-50% increase in chance to destroy the correlating improvement. Eg, Barracks/Factories, if attacking ground.) Grenadiers will have a drop down menu similar to that of Missiles, where they can focus fire on a group of improvements. Doing so invokes civilian casualties as well as infra loss. 2. Tanks 2a. Light Tank - Light Tanks are "faster", at a mind blowing 2 MAP to use during selected ground attacks. They deal less damage, and have "less armor" than their default counterpart. 2b. Medium Tank - The default tank 2c. Heavy Tank - Literally the opposite of Light Tanks, but, with a 4 MAP usage. They have an increased kill ratio, cause more infra damage, and a higher chance of destroying improvements. 2d. Artillery - 4 MAP's, the power of a full ship attack, but with the option of selecting what unit/improvement section you want. 3. Airplanes 3a. Bomber - Costs more to make than default planes, roughly double the aluminum. Uses more munitions/gasoline. Does "critical damage", and severe destruction when targeting units. (Maybe add a project, like, "Bomber Assist Squadron; when using the Bomber, a fleet of escorting ships will help reduce airborne casualties from enemy air/ground units. 4. Ships 4a. Destroyer - Causes increased losses against enemy ships. Costs less than current default ship. 4b. Cruiser - Comparable to the current default, but with less firepower. 4c. Submarine - Increased "stealth" provides far less casualties than the current default ship rate, while also providing intelligence information after every attack. Able to select units/improvements.
  18. Build less Manufactured Buildings (They pump out a LOT of pollution). Use Rewarded Ads and try to save up some cash. Buy Land in cities up until maybe 1500. You have no other way around it other than Land, Recycling Centers, Hospitals, producing less Manus/Raws
  19. So, if I get attacked, and lose, I end up getting 2.5 days of beige. If I have two other defensive wars, and the beige doesn't start until "all defensive wars have ended", does that mean I can get a third defensive attack on my nation, since I don't have beige yet? Very good point; this is literally what the playerbase is wanting, yet we deviated, none the less.
  20. I'm actually not super opposed to much of this, but, even though you laid out a logic behind a 5 day waiting period from reserve to active, I do think that's quite lengthy. It takes less time to rebuild an entire military from zero, and that's purely based on Day Change mechanics. With this being based on Turn Change mechanics, and being a flat 60 turns, I mean, it just seems like quite a long period. Maybe you said it elsewhere, but, why nerf/adjust Spy Sat as far as the damage/extra spyop?
  21. I didn't read all of the comments, so, sorry in advance. I'd maybe increase the percent, and make it a flat win/or lose
  22. My thought is that wars will be determined even sooner, and have more profound effects after the "first round". I think without addressing scores, that people "automatically" getting beiged will cause one side to plummet rapidly, and that this will cause the "winning" sides high tier to essentially be even harder to reach than before. Picture HW hitting whoever, and whoever they hit, is basically guaranteed to take beiges, multiple beiges, right from round one. Sure, they can maybe rebuy military, but, I don't know if they'll ever be able to actually retaliate against the higher tiers that hit them, and ever have a chance of "winning". The beige damage/infra cost alone from this change will make wars abnormally ugly IMO (I could be wrong. Edit; I just saw Pre mention that score changes are in the works
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