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  1. what if you made land have a debuff to rss/food production if they were ground attacked in the last idk 60 turns or something like that?
  2. thats why he doesn't know how to make money 😆
  3. do you take war declarations as currency?
  4. english teachers be like that for every frickin word in a book
  5. zig big door luau is how t autocorrect ,,fixed'' it for me lol
  6. no you have to let them live and grow into a fully developed human so you can harvest their spines
  7. they don't reply usually because these messages are automated.
  8. sounds like the words of someone covering something up and in need of a scapegoat
  9. @Joe Nobody I'm just interested why do you want to join an alliance that doesn't need discord? cuz it is very easy to get started on it and to use it and most people are very understanding if you don't know how to use discord
  10. what if you only had to do a captcha on the war declaration and not have to do it for individual attacks for 6 turns or something like that?
  11. what was the promise lol?
  12. those emp missiles look op and it only costs 25 uranium
  13. Everyone asks what or why is grammar. But no one ever asks how is grammar
  14. could be done but it could get REALLY annoying if some newbies with 3 cities build to 2k infra and go full manu/as much pollution as possible and this one nation could ruin the game for thousands of people
  15. this might already be a thing (wouldn't know I'm not the leader of an alliance) but it would enable nations that are officer,heir or leader to see a nations resources. If there are more in game roles to come this should be an option to enable
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