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  1. Never forget, kids, the internet is forever…
  2. Hmm… Seems like a valid CB to me.
  3. While I agree with most rule updates, I must firmly and vehemently stand against this particular clause. Though I understand the intent of the rule, the fact that it amounts to overreach is obvious to almost anyone who reads the proposed changes. I personally would advise anyone with a PnW related Discord server to enhance their own moderation, add clauses to their rules disallowing the use of their Discord servers for this particular "moderation" purpose, as well as making sure that public channels are basically locked down and that content is available only to those approved by the staff of the Discord server. Attempts to circumvent and use privately-owned Discord servers for the purpose of moderation should result in a permanent ban to those who attempt it. In simple, and the kindest English I can manage at the moment, "Stay in your lane, sir."
  4. Well, this devolved quickly... Oh well...
  5. In the Oceanian Ministry of Love, thousands of citizens were working through the dark hours of the night making sure that the history of the great alliance of Oceania remained true to the vision that Big Brother desired. As they worked, the lights began to flicker as the rumble of what sounded like thunder rolled across the land. A comrade looking out one of the windows gasped in fear as enemy bombers flew overhead, dropping their payloads on Oceanian cities. Citizens began to panic, some rushing towards the exits. Then, suddenly, just as quickly as it began, the bombing stopped. The Telescreens across Oceania came to life, the calm, stalwart face of Big Brother appearing and addressing the citizens as he had so many times before... "Good evening, Comrades. I desired to speak to you all this evening to remind you that Oceania is not at war. In fact, Oceania has never been at war. Everything is as it should be, and all citizens should continue with their assigned tasks immediately. Remember, your hard work will ensure that Oceania continues to be the bastion of peace and safety. The principles of Ingsoc will continue to help us to persevere through any adversity. Victory for Oceania!" With that, the telescreen broadcasts a rousing rendition of "Oceania, Tis For Thee" as the myriad citizens of the alliance settle back into their tasks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQKt_LUgCcA tldr: Oceania has accepted a white peace offered by the Rose/Oasis/Mystery Inc. coalition. No new wars will be declared and all current wars will be peaced/allowed to time out.
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