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  1. Hello :help:

    1. Anri


      hi 🌊

  2. Akie, only recruit weebs. 🍵
  3. Ohayō! I got my AUP today, 2/21/21

    -Asian Kid senpai \ : D /

  4. Bye bye!!!! It was fun with you in the test server (although i read that your still gonna play there, which is good :3)
  5. Player of the Year: Baam Most Influential Player: Madokami😘😔 Most Likely to Succeed in 2021: Axht Best Alliance Leader: Empiur Worst Alliance Leader: Kappachino Latte Best Government Member (not a leader): Baam Best General Member: Hieong Most Missed Player: Corpsman Best IC Poster: Ananeosis Poster You Most Love to Hate: Best Villain: Axht Largest E-Peen: Madokami Best Fighter: Asian Kid Best Raider: Crawdy Most Controversial Player: Hieong Player You’re Pretty Sure will be Playing in 2050: Axht Player that is Worst at Responding to DMs: Axht Best Player Avatar: Echisya Best Player Signature: Vendrick Best Nation Theme: Bhenagar Noa Best Nation Page Design: Bakasloth
  6. Best Alliance Ad: https://politicsandwar.com/index.php?id=160&ad_id=1836
  7. Welcome!! Were glad you picked Weebunism as your alliance :3
  8. You had a lot of cities so you couldve gotten better stats good job :3
  9. Yep it was definitely uneventful, especially with someone with your nation score; the targets are scarce.
  10. Good job! Also the TCM members were really fun when they were in our alliance.
  11. Glad to see everyone’s different experiences during the war. Congratulations to those who did well and I hope the one who werent happy on how they did would do better in the next war
  12. Don't worry about not having a positive net This was a one sided war that made it hard for bigger countries to get targets. Also heres my stats if your interested Good Job Mate! Haha :3
  13. Glad it went good for you :3 Have fun with your loot Wish you luck on the next GW Good Job! Sad, those missiles deserved to destroy some juicy infra
  14. Hello! Forgive me if I posted this in the wrong page. I'm curious on how successful everyone is during the Global War 16: Leaky Faucet Conflict. Feel free to reply with comments about how you did, your stats and more. Here's my stats :3 I removed them cuz i realized people might start hating T-T If you're interested please let me know
  15. arigato🙃 also why the octopus emoji lol
  16. I haven’t made an introduction for country yet so here I am. My country is called United Archipelago and I’m part of Weebunism. Well, konichiwa again to everyone :3
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