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  1. Only if the resources lost due to piracy make it into the Arrgh Bank I do agree with the sentiment though, Alliance trading should be used more often. Cyber Nations did this by giving you a happiness bonus when you traded with people in the same colour team as you. I dont believe resources should be "lost" however, I think there should be like a 2% commerce bonus for trading with your own team that lasts 3 days, but it doesnt stack, just a new trade with your color resets the timer.
  2. I like Starfuze... I like Deraj... I like this!
  3. s This is a blatant lie. PnW has more customization, more mechanics, and more of everything that CN does not. PnW is also actively developed whereas Kevin hasnt developed his game since 2009. There is a good reason as to why CN has 2k players acttive montly in contrast to PnWs 19k. in CN you cant even have your own flag, PnW allows a flag, a customizable nation description where you can insert images and the such, a factbook containing all the information your nation could possible have, currency image, a baseball team. CN is better balanced than PnW?, are you being serious, cities
  4. Looks Awesome, @Alex should look into implementing it, the functions been broken for a long time.
  5. Or Borg adds a feature to Locutus that calculates it. Lol
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