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  1. So uh, can i get unbanned from the Rose discord? 🌹
  2. I know, its bad, but think of it this way. You are a pixel hugger, and one day, a random raider comes your way and starts nuking your 2500+ infra. Each damage does 30M+, it's hella expansive. And the bad thing is experienced raiders dont stockpile nukes, they buy them the moment before they are going to use them. I suggest that we add an option to the spy page, they will have a chance to destroy nuclear programs and missile launchpads. I'm not sure about the price, but I am sure that many pixel huggers will be with me. Have a nice day.
  3. Why not deposit the money to the 404 bank. :serious: Anyways, farewell, and I wish you the best of luck.
  4. tHis iS tHe uLTimaTe tIer LiSt, tHeRE iS No bIAs.
  5. You should be able to have any amount of barracks, or factories or hangars or drydocks in a given city, and the limit should be 18 military improvements per city. I think this would help raiders raid better with more soldiers, and would add a twist to the game so that you and your opponent's troop limits are not the same, meaning that there can be many outcomes to a war. This could also make small nations have more chances of winning against an enemy with more cities because that small nation maximized one kind of troop, making the game more fair for nations with less cities.
  6. welp, i think its time to commence Operation Abduct Invaders
  7. Alliance of the Year: Error 404Most Powerful Alliance: RoseMost Improved Alliance: Error 404Best Rookie Alliance (must be an alliance formed in 2020): Error 404Most Missed Alliance: NPOBest Alliance for New Players: Error 404Most Honorable Alliance: Most Immoral Alliance: CamelotMost Controversial Alliance: TCMBiggest Warmongers: t$Biggest Pixel-Huggers: Spanish ArmadaWorst Fighting Alliance: TKRBest Alliance Growth: Dual SunsBiggest Alliance Decline: ShruteMost Likely to Succeed in 2021: Error 404Most Likely to be Rolled in 2021: RoseBest Economics Department: Error 404, because of Borg
  8. Player of the Year: Golden KeyMost Influential Player: ValkWorst Alliance Leader: Basebond, he's never activeBest Government Member (not a leader): BorgMost Missed Player: KevBest Villain: AlexBest Fighter: KratosBest Raider: Golden KeyMost Controversial Player: Sri
  9. Die pixelhugger! Infra for the infra god. You have lovely infra, dont mind if i do.
  10. hmm, i thought t$, Tl and Eclipse are gonna merge.
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