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  1. Is it possible to not turn this into another post centred around TKR? I know that it slightly favors TKR in a way but I think these ideas do make sense... They maybe aren't the best, but that's the point of this post. I really appreciate the effort. The author is not an FA for any major sphere, so please don't go making this a propaganda post and don't reply if you have got nothing to contribute....
  2. You posted in the wrong format lol
  3. This turned more into a Roast TKR Thread than a Waffle House DoW
  4. I don't know, they did mention it. Maybe the next time try and read before you make any conclusions. Its pretty easy to comprehend, here let me translate for you - Means, Dusty stole 1.2B worth member deposits from SMC bank (Public Fact) This says that he's been poaching from WH. Can't figure out which part of it wasn't clear to you lol, looks like you didn't even bother the read the post before commenting about it. Anyway, @Changeup and WH, GLHF ^-^
  5. Epi : Lets leave the only bloc we can call the shots in because paperless better!
  6. You got it wrong. TLE does not have a upper tier consolidation like GG does, hence we're not a threat. Moreover, this is not our war to fight, I am glad that Col - A agreed to peace out as soon as they did. For everyone else involved in the war, GLHF 👍
  7. You do realise you'll tank the bloc close to brown or even below that? So much for a fitness plan lol
  8. Congrats! Altho I must say everything's good except for the no anime part, whoever made that. Shame.... 😂
  9. How painful is it to be declared on by your own son? Time to remind you who your dad is @Grabacr 😙 Oh and you're grounded 🤣
  10. Congrats Dave, good luck with your kid 😊
  11. Thats not true, you're in RON Staff 😅. You're the one who's gonna ban changeup for me right? 😊
  12. I did not want to leave this game so early, but that time has come. Most people know me as Dream. Honestly, I never thought a browser game could ever be so engaging and fun but I enjoyed it. My time here has been better than most, I did not get to see high levels of toxicity (which I am glad about) and the community here is awesome, I hope it keeps growing. Due to a series of unfortunate events irl, I think it is best for me depart from the game. This is my final thanks and goodbye to Orbis. Before I leave I have a few apologies to make : To the former DS gov and membership : I apologize for my behaviour with the government. I also apologize to the membership for I left them when they needed me the most. I really am sorry, hope you are all doing well. To Epimetheus/Pyrrha : To you I am most sorry, you've only ever been kind to me and I shouldn't have called you off the way I did for something that didn't concern me. I don't even have an excuse for it, sorry. I have also made some great friends, and I want to thank them for helping me out ❤️ @Putmir - You've been my best friend in the game. We had so much fun together, you're super nice and a great friend to have. Thank you @Evernt - I had fun VCing with you Evy, keep the bugcat culture alive XD @Basebond - You have been my friend since I joined this game. Thank you for teaching me the game basics and for all the government opportunities. I know how troublesome I can turn out to be @Firwof Kromwell - Despite what others say about you, I think you're a good person. But man, you gotta stop simping so much XD. jk jk love you man, thanks for all the fun times we had in GNW. @sweetstorm @Vander Lord @Jet Whites - I know that you've retired but thank you guys. You're the best leader trio ever, hope you're doing alright @Cas - I had a lot of fun working with you in the gw. You've been very kind to me; you're to win the next global war for me Error 404 gov and membership - Key, C4, Deca, Rebel, Kev, Jamie, Waldo, Ari, Jova, Gamers and everyone else; I had a good time while being a gov in E404. #Rebelnomics forever RON Staff - Who knew I'd end up in RON lmao. You guys are very different from what people say. I had fun reporting and meming with everyone, although it sucks that I didn't get to ban Changeup, someone else gotta do it for me Aiya, Menhera - You two are the nicest people I have ever met, keep the great Weebolution going! @stringbean.47, Matshaa and @ToxicPepper- You guys are super fun friends to have, I wish you all well ❤️ @Grabacr & David Sarif - Special shoutout to my sons! You gotta look out for yourselves now. Good luck guys Last but not the least @Alex- Thank you for replying to my messages for my reports even when you're so busy. You're a great game developer, thank you so much. I had many more friends in the game - Crunch, Vexz, Speedy, Gerry, Rainbow, Morf and many more, I don't want to post a big wall of text here XD Thank you and good luck! My friends know how to reach me. Thank you everyone! ~Dream
  13. Arth was the first person I met in this game. Cool as a cucumber and was always patient with me XD. I am glad that you were the first person I met, pretty sure I would have quit the game otherwise You've been a great friend to me, I wish you all the best (I wanted to see you get mad for once atleast ) I'll still keep in touch, thank you for everything you have done for me ❤️
  14. That's very considerate of you XD
  15. Figured out what, TLE would just sit and let their high tiers die because they are an incompetent tax farm? Guess what, that is not TLE but Camelot. How much do you have to suck to have negative 1B net after only 2 days of war? Tbh, Anti-Cam coalition would make more money by just looting your members than you might have got from that treasure XD. A very good move for an alliance with top notch FAs, hope there is even more to come!
  16. Dream


    If I were you I would delete immediately
  17. Damn, should definitely take the time to read. Nice work Hidude 👍
  18. Happy Birthday TKR 🤩🥳
  19. Congrats on the merger. Wish you luck for your future endeavours
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