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  1. 🌕 Congrats on 5 years Aurora! 🚀
  2. Hmm, I wonder where Rose lies on this list 🤔
  3. Justice must be served, no one deserves this. And yes, It's a google forms link.
  4. 7DS? Woah, I didn't know Nintendo had released a new console. Also, that post is scuffed mate, fix the formatting.
  5. Lol, this actually made me laugh 😄 Neat video @darkblade
  6. Congrats on the merge, wish both parties the best of luck!
  7. Welp folks, it seems I forgot to post an introduction here. But here it is: after playing this browser game for 1000 days, I am honored to be part of the game community and have learned quite a lot along the way. So without further do, I hereby declare the existence and celebrate the 1000 day anniversary of my nation. Nation Name: The Keynesian Republic Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=205981
  8. Congrats! Awesome treaty post btw 😄
  9. Wish you good luck to y'all! HOGGRIDER!
  10. Project Name: Bureau of Prolific Militarization Project Requirements: Propaganda Bureau, Intelligence Agency Project Cost: Money: $20,000,000 Aluminum: 2,000 Gasoline: 2,000 Munitions: 2,000 Steel: 2,000 Project Effect: Increases military unit recruitment of all Soldiers, Tanks, Aircraft, and Ships by 5%; missiles, nukes, and spy cap increased by 1. This project stacks with the Propaganda Bureau and Intelligence Agency projects.
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