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  1. I asked on my news server. If Alex did Suggest this. Would this be an nice addition to the commend and denounce feature. We talked for a little bit. This could be used as an tactic. If some big alliance in numbers like (TKR, ROSE, TI, 404, T$ and others.) go tell there members to go denounce this alliance. It could help new members avoid/join alliances. I can't think of anything else other than that. SOME NUB ASKED THIS AND I ASKED MY SERVER. I JUST WANT TO SEE WHAT THE FORUMS FEEL ABOUT IT.
  2. It was fun working with you. I hope your nap is good. :Serious:
  3. Ask Around in the P&W Discord for some help. Im sure someone would help you.
  4. i am very not epic pogger proud of you
  5. I tried on my phone. It works. Once I get back home I'll try.
  6. You fix it. Wiki Mods aren't slaves. If you find something that is outdated. Try and fix it. If you can't ask mods or someone else.
  7. Firstly I thought this could have been a browser issue. Then I clicked on the Image. https://politicsandwar.com/img/icons/vip.png It only shows a small white box.
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