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  1. Well, you did it. You took my one chance at happiness and crushed it, crushed it into tiny bite sized pieces. I really did expect better of you, but I guess i'm a loser for that too. Don't bother beiging me tomorrow, i'll tell them you all won in a triumphant march. So thanks, thanks for nothing. In all seriousness, I can't support myself playing this game anymore. The double standard for fascism in this game is absurd. Apparently it's okay to support literal white nationalists, but thinking they don't belong is too far and would dogpile us. Apparently realpolitik is more im
  2. If we hit first, yinz may've had a chance. Instead, yinz signed your death warrant by poking a hive full of angry flowers. From Moscow to Berlin!
  3. The NAPs are inherently fine, imho. However, no punishment for breaking the NAP is just appeasement, plain and simple. If we were in a world where treaties meant anything, there'd be more than just Oasis fighting KT for violating it. Just like with the American impeachments, it just proves that the NAPs are meaningless if there's no effective punishment. Why sign them if there won't be any enforcement?
  4. Well... this was fast. Best of luck to y'all.
  5. Bold to break the NAP, especially formally.
  6. Uh, what?? Its almost like... hear me out.... having corporations is not left wing? It's almost like every power of the war enforced restrictions on businesses because, yknow, world war? Or do I need to mention Hitler literally wrote in Mein Kampf about Marxists being terrible??? Like, the Reich imprisoned socialists in the same camps they imprisoned the Jews. https://www.google.com/search?channel=fs&q=socialism+definition Look at those Hitler quotes and tell me how it argues for community-owned production???
  7. Take care, Tarroc. I wish the best for you, your family, and your friends. We've all made [email protected]#$ ups in our life, but we can all rally together to wish you best care for this nightmare situation.
  8. @Alex Forum Name: Aqua-Corpsman Link to Post: Nature of Violation: - Name Calling - abusive or insulting language referring to a person or group. Specifically: Using the term "retard" to refer to somebody, a slur against the mentally disabled. - Flaming - posts targeted at a player in an effort to anger, hurt, insult, harass, or provoke. Specifically: Calling somebody an oxygen thief, a pogue, and using my name specifically as a strawman argument by calling me a fascist if the event in question was caused by "anarchists".
  9. Bruh, it's been 2 months. Nobody cares. Only thought my mind in terms of P&W politics has been the FA moves [or lack thereof] for my alliance - not what happened in a dogpile that changed very little.
  10. Yeah, that's where we agree. The Republicans tend to deflect from the President's responsibility by saying "But Democrats defended BLM looting" [they didn't]. It's annoying.
  11. I'm of the belief that the current President did fan the flames of what happened, with the discussion of "fighting" and how the protestors can affect change, specifically "We're going to march down to the Capitol." While I understand the House Republican angle of "That's still free speech and he didn't directly incite the conflict", Guliani referring to "We're going to have trial by combat" definitely pushed things over the line into incitement. To me, the incident at the Capitol was indeed domestic far-right terrorism, and needs to be curbed. In regards to the argument that Democra
  12. Yeah, this is absurd. Ad upvotes/downvotes don't do anything meaningful. Can you buy upvotes for credits now?? What about fixing the multiple treaties bug? What about preventing the flame war between left and right that has been going OOC for months now? What's more important? An "achievement" for surviving 2020, or your community fracturing in half and feature breaking bugs?
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