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  1. Good luck you guys it was nice to getting to know you even for a short period.
  2. Sad to see y'all go it was really fun hanging out with you guys. Best of luck to you wherever you go!
  3. A true good luck to you all, I'm excited to see you where y'all go. And yes to Darth's point it's not a great sign when you get slightly emotional about a treaty split.
  4. Good luck to all the alliances involved going forward. I'm excited to see the potential new blocs and I'm curious to see where each of you go.
  5. Interesting observation.
  6. Can we just appreciate how well that was written? I read the whole thing, nicely done Thalmor.
  7. It was a good run, you made mistakes and gained experience. I'm sure there are communities that will take you, so go take a break and grow. Sorry about what happened, but there's no need to quit the game entirely. Good luck to you and good luck to IRON.
  8. You say you want to know the leader's identity so you can find out who the source is in Swamp. And you want to know the source in Swamp so you can find out if they really wanted to attack Quack or not. So my question is, why is it so important to find that out, and what makes you think they will tell the truth? Do you honestly think that they will admit to wanting war with Quack?
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