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  1. Typically grammar is governed by style guides, in the case of what Elefante pointed out the final say could be that of any reputable dictionary, for example, Oxford or Merriam-Webster's. Having standardized rules is useful for formal occasions and communication with and between newer speakers of a language. From a purely Kantian or utilitarian perspective not complying with grammar rules is not unethical. Not complying can make what you write harder to understand and sometimes make you less likely to be taken seriously, though these are situational. Yes. Grammar changes through the contri
  2. Grammar is the rules about how to speak and write well in a language. Grammar includes syntax (what order to put words in), morphology (how to make different forms of a word) and conjugation (what form of a word to use).
  3. Do the grawlixes start with a sound in which the upper vocal tract's shape is changed? Welcome back to Orbis and the forums, play (relatively) nice and all will be well (up until war is declared for some inane reason that is just to hide that we all just like to burn each other's nations)
  4. All right? Welcome to the OWF and Orbis.
  5. Is this a friend of rawr?
  6. I would prefer neither.
  7. Why do we want to make trade less necessary?
  8. Aw, I'm on there! You recognize me, Zephyr? Am I the former or the latter? 🤔
  9. Is this a joke Play nice, Aiya.
  10. Hello, I don't know who you are but it's nice to meet
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