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    Indrasi Indoril
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    House Redoran
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    [7K-MW] Morrowind

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About Me

"[big]O[/big]n a certain day to uncertain parents,
Incarnate moon and star reborn."

"[big]N[/big]either blight nor age can harm him.
The Curse-of-Flesh before him flies."

"[big]I[/big]n caverns dark Azura's eye sees
And makes to shine the moon and star."

"[big]A[/big] stranger's voice unites the Houses.
Three Halls call him Hortator."

"[big]A[/big] stranger's hand unites the Velothi.
Four Tribes call him Nerevarine."

"[big]H[/big]e honors blood of the tribe unmourned.
He eats their sin, and is reborn."

"[big]H[/big]is mercy frees the cursed false gods,
Binds the broken, redeems the mad."

[small]On the 21st of First Seed, (Hogithum, Azura’s Day), on the 402nd year of the third era, a dunmer woman entered the chapel of arkay in Cheydinhal seeking aid, she was in labor and had a deep wound festering with a magic poison. The Priests of Arkay tried their best to save the woman but their magics and potions could not stop the cursed wound from taking her life. Before she passed away she held her newborn child and said “My beautiful Indrasi Indoril, may Azura Guide you, May Boethiah make you Strong, May Mephala hide you from those who would do you harm...”  [/small]


Basic Information:
•Full Name: Indrasi Indoril
•Alias: Indrasi Moon-and-Star
•Titles: The Nerevarine; War Leader of the Urshilaku, Ahemussa, & Zainab, Champion of the Erabenimsun and Protector of the People; Imperial Dragon Knight of Vvardenfell; Hortator of Redoran, Hlaalu & Telvanni; Champion of Azura; Champion of Boethiah; Champion of Mephala; Blodskaal; The Godkiller; Hero of Red Mountain
•Place of Birth: The Great Chapel of Arkay in Cheydinhal, Cyrodiil, Septim Empire
•Birthdate: 21st of First Seed, 402 3E
•Star Sign: The Lord
•Age: 232 [small](Stopped aging at 25 due to corpus disease & partial cure) [/small]
•Alignment: Chaotic Good
•Race (Species): Mer
•Subrace: Chimer/Dunmer
•Gender: Female

Character Appearance:


•Height: 5'7" (170cm)
•Birthmarks: Moon-and-Star marking on her lower back

Beliefs and Habits
•Religion: Follows the the Reclamations Temple Worship of Azura, Boethiah, Mephala and Saint & Ancestor Worship but also venerates Arkay, Mara, & Dibella of the Aedra.
• Patron Diety: Azura

Guild/Faction affiliations: 
Temple, House Redoran, Urshilaku Tribe, Morag Tong 

Former Factions: 
House Telvanni (Hortator), House Hlaalu (Hortator), Septim Army (Disbanded), The Mages (Disbanded), The Blades (Defunct), Thieves' Guild (Defunct), Twin Lamps (Defunct) 


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