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  1. Oasis formally declares war on HegeMony for breaking our hearts > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQ3RinEGog8
  2. Well, this is cuter than a chipmunk's nest.
  3. KT flinging nukes is just a primal urge of apes throwing feces.
  4. Ch'you and Roberts make fantastic points for a few categories. If FA/MA/IA/EA are elbow dropped from awards, then okay, no problema. It is prone to extreme bias. If FA remains a category, maybe only FA leaders vote based on who they find diplomatic, responsive, and made 'good' moves for the year. Maybe don't allow votes within own bloc/spheres? I see how MA,IA,Econ could go away since no juan really knows the inner workings of other AAs. At best, maybe Econ could be shortlisted to 10 or so by using a metric like AA trade profit for the year. MA could be similar by using metrics like net damage /war profits to determine top 10 or so. I'm sure there are a few other metrics to use in those categories for a better picture. Not sure how to make IA work without that being polling of satisfaction from members of any given alliance. There will still be bias in final voting, obviously, but something like this kind of eliminates bias in nomination processes. Just some corn to chew on.
  5. Hola amigos, Primero, muchas gracias to everyone who takes time to make this happen. Segundo, congratulations to all nominees. Regardless of outcomes, you are all #1 in my hearts. Now, let's get to the nitty-gritty: If a goal is to avoid the awards from turning into vanity and false prides, consider a few player categories as less about opinion. For example, best raider can be awarded to whoever looted the most in the year. Best fighter can be for quantity and win/loss ratio during large scale wars over the year (not raiding). Maybe add damage dealer or net damage as it's own category to give lower tiered people a chance for best luchador. For alliance awards, a solution here is make alliances eligible for only a few awards. Maybe uno... or dos... or tres... dis way, a handful of alliances are not nominated for basically every category. That may get alliances to actually campaign for specific categories and not rub creams and lotions on their own alliance for every award possible. I think the overall process was muy bueno, just a bit rushed. It works well as open to everyone to do nomination (kind of just discussion), make a shortlist (more of representatives campaigning for categories), then do a final vote. Maybe, much of December is the nomination time. Then do a few weeks in January for curating a shortlist. If we want more community involvement and voting, the whole process could be about 6 or so weeks long. That's just my two pesos.
  6. DoE While patrolling the borders during the latest great war, The Immortals, The Fighting Pacifists, and Soldiers of Liberty were forced out of The Swamp by millions of radioactive ogres. All were victims of nuclear fallout from war. The ogres had doubled in size from the radiation, their skins melted off their bones, and only blood quenched their new thirst. The Immortals, The Fighting Pacifists, and Soldiers of Liberty fought off many. But, with every ogre killed, two more took its place. They were pushed back further and further from the swamp. A new era of ogre surrounded the swamp and created a barrier. With no way to return, these heroes became refugees in Orbis. For a long time, The Immortals, The Fighting Pacifists, and Soldiers of Liberty trudged through the muck of a deep, deep swamp. Boots deep. Boots covered in earth and water... and blood. These are the realities of war. At the edge of the swamp, past all the thick and thistle, is a place where the tree line grows thin. Beyond those tree lines are sand dunes. Past the damp and murky forest full of vegetations, donkeys, and ogres, the land dries up and turns into endless sandy hills. After days of hostile travel, These heroes’ exodus from the tree line was met with hot sand under foot. The sun blistered them head on. Nothing but arid, bone-dried wastelands as far as their eyes could see. Their shadows. The war. Behind them. It was said a promised land could be found in the vast desert. A paradise lost. A sanctuary. An oasis. Off in the distance, a vague tree line of bright greens appeared. A new home was on the horizon. They knew they would arrive soon. They would arrive by morning. When night fell, The Immortals, The Fighting Pacifists, and Soldiers of Liberty looked up to the stars to guide them. Gazing at the endless heavens, a peculiar thing occurred. A supernova of electrifying colors ripped and stretched across the sky. A rift near the quacksphere had opened. An Aurora spaceship tore through the sky. Thousands of duck-like dronecrafts were in pursuit and firing at the spaceship. A loud explosion echoed over the desert as the portal closed and shifted the sands of time. Aurora fought off the drones with aerial maneuvers never seen on Orbis. Lasers firing in every direction. Drones fell from the sky like wounded ducks. The last drones flew into the thrusters of the ship and detonated. The ship’s propellers erupted and the spaceship began to plummet to the earth. The hull burned and the Aurorians inside braced for impact with the sandy knolls. The Aurorians smashed into the dunes with a force that rumbled all of the desert. Bruised and battered, the Aurorians stumbled from the wreckage and were met with a surprise. The Immortals, The Fighting Pacifists, and Soldiers of Liberty were waiting outside. They extended their hands, “Come with us.” Aurora gathered what remaining supplies they had and began their own exodus into the long night. Under twilight, sounds traveled quicker than they. These heroes heard the distinct sounds of axes chopping wood. Off in the distance, a growing fire illuminated a lone tree with great roots and amputated limbs. Purple-folk danced about and fanned the flames higher. Branch after branch piled on. The tree was now a naked pillar. The fire their commonwealth and covenant. “Good evening weary travelers! Join us by the fire and have a drink from our bottles of water,” The United Purple Nation cheerfully declared as they extended out their bottles, “You look parched.” The heroes took the bottles and drank. “This isn’t water!” said The Fighting Pacifists. “This is wine!” said The Soldiers of Liberty. “Sweet nectar of the Gods!” said The Immortals. “ Space juice!” said Aurora. “Why, of course! What else would be in a water bottle?” said United Purple Nations. Well said, they all nodded in agreement. “What brings you to these parts?” asked the heroes. “Rumors of paradise,” said United Purple Nations. “The rumors are true,” exclaimed the heroes, “Join us. We know the way.” As morning dawned, a rooster cock-a-doodle-dooed in the distance. Over the next dune, the trees grew tall and green. The water shimmered so clear you could see into the future. All sorts of animals and vegetations were about. This was the oasis. The rumors were true. The Immortals, The Fighting Pacifists, Soldiers of Liberty, Aurora, and United Purple Nations began to unpack their things. Salvation was here. Members from each alliance grabbed their instruments and began to play and sing, “Don’t Look Back In Anger”. Soon after, everyone began singing and a new bloc was formed. They determined that those who rest at the Oasis will protect one another, vigilant to desert raiders and any who seek to harm them. Weapons were forged, spaceships rebuilt, and grapes were stomped for more wine. It was decided that the lush greenery of the Oasis shall shelter all those who seek refuge from the harshness of the outside Orbis world. This is the Oasis. It’s a place where the limits of reality are your own imagination.
  7. Alliance of the Year: TFPMost Powerful Alliance: GOBMost Improved Alliance: TFPBest Rookie Alliance (must be an alliance formed in 2020): E404Most Missed Alliance: Best Alliance for New Players: TFP Most Honorable Alliance: TFPMost Immoral Alliance: The Black DeathMost Controversial Alliance: NPOBiggest Warmongers: ArrghBiggest Pixel-Huggers: Spanish ArmadaWorst Fighting Alliance: TKRBest Alliance Growth: TIBiggest Alliance Decline: NPOMost Likely to Succeed in 2021: TFPMost Likely to be Rolled in 2021: t$Best Economics Department: TFPBest Foreign Affairs Department: TFPBest Internal Affairs Department: TFPBest Milcom Department: TFPBest Government Line-Up: TFPBest Bloc (can be a bloc that disbanded this year): HedgeBest Foreign Affairs Move: TFP & TI leaving swampWorst Foreign Affairs Move: TFP & TI getting 'kicked' from swampBest Treaty Announcement (please link): Best Declaration of War (please link):Best Propaganda Post (please link): https://politicsandwar.fandom.com/wiki/The_Ten-Day_War Alliance with Best In-Character Posts: TFPAlliance with Best Propaganda: Best Alliance Ad (please link): anything by WeiBest Flag (peacetime/standard flags only please): TCWBest War Flag: CoTLBest Holiday Flag: TI
  8. Player of the Year: BorgMost Influential Player: Tyrion LannisterMost Likely to Succeed in 2021: Nacho LibreBest Alliance Leader: Harry FlashmanBest Government Member (not a leader): Eye SuckBest General Member: White GoodmanBest Wrestler: Nacho LibreBest Raider: FloraBest Player Avatar: Biznow
  9. The Swamp collectively refers to Sphinx as Lord Farquaad. Lord Farquaad sees the GW wiki entry and deletes the event. Nacho creates link to solidify wiki entry.
  10. The Once Upon a Time War Sphinx is referred to as Lord Farquaad from here on out
  11. I'm proposing we call this "The Once Upon a Time" War
  12. I like where this is going but it seems like there could be a scale issue with the 5% idea. In theory, someone at various NS, city and infra levels could get 100% of their infra destroyed in just a few days. Is that 20 days of beige then?
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