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  1. iTs A hEgEmOnY But for real good luck
  2. About 3:2 to be exact You put time into making a multi sphere dream?!?!?!? What the hell is Mystery Inc it definitely it isn’t a mini sphere, mate!
  3. even as a member of tkr i laughed at this lol
  4. *Political and philosophical rant*
  5. these would be funny if tkr didnt post the cb literally everywhere. lemme spell it out in all caps ROSE'S ACTION IN DUCK HUNT
  6. I didn’t agree with what we did in Duck Hunt, bud. Maybe early on. Towards the end after I talked to people and learned the bigger picture I had a change in heart about it. I didn’t really publish my opinion to you guys cuz it seemed unimportant then and if I’m being honest I shouldn’t be saying anything on secret arrangements when I haven’t seen proof. But my problem with oasis and the Scooby gang is that they claim that their issue is the high tier consolidation. TKR didn’t bring anything to the table for high tier. All the high tier existed in hedge. TI and TFP had no issue with hedge when
  7. I have been busy lately, so I have not been able to convey myself. First of all we are here do to the actions of Rose in Duck Hunt, so whenever I see people from Oasis claiming they are here because we were coming for them next it really grinds my gears. The alliances that currently make up Oasis all had a valid CB in Duck Hunt. They also did not have leaked logs involving one of them planning an attack on one of our direct allies. We aren't pulling stuff out of our butts in order to conquer the game. Hegemony. What is the definition? "Leadership or dominance, especially by one state or
  8. Roses actions in Duck Hunt was our CB
  9. Apparently times are not changing, Kilo, as we continue to find joy in having secret arrangements and dogpiles.
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