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  1. My bad wont happen again
  2. Imagine that you are at war with a nation and you are beating them horrendously and at a certain point you have the option to annex one of their cities against their will! It would add a whole new meaning to war. Now there certain point where annexation would be allowed like maybe in instances where your resistance is still 100 when you win the war or something close. Or maybe it could be something you bargain for. As far as our friends in Arrgh go. They probably wouldn't mind getting an entire city as profit from a raid. Now there is some things to add on that may not be a bad idea like not being able to buy or sell land or infra for the first 10 days of your possession. And if you won a war like that the city is probably in shambles. Also maybe deduct some of the profit for the first 10 days. If this were a thing that got added there would have to be some mechanics to add on to make it doable. Share your ideas and thoughts.
  3. i wish my birthday parties were this fun
  4. There is another dead and less fun nation sim that had national soccer teams and you used "transfer bucks" which was the currency only used for soccer and only earned in soccer and you bought packs on different classes (Sunday league, elite, and world class) and out of those packs you got different players with different skill levels in different areas. They each had their specified position( they could be moved around but they would not perform as well). All of the players you got in the packs were native to your nation and could play on your national team. There was also a market you could sell players on. When you bought a foreign player they could only play on a club team. You were allowed three. When you played a match you could play an AI team on one of the three classes used for packs. You could also play other players in league matches where you would be auto matched to a player to compete. After 10 games your season ended. If you scored high enough(win-3 pts, tie-1 pt, loss-0) you could move up to the next division and collect transfer bucks. If you scored even higher and you won prizes like rare packs. When you won a match you got transfer bucks depending on whether they were AI(class affects AI scores) or player(division matters) and how many goals were scored and ceded. When you played the match it was not an automatic result match. You watched the 90 minutes play by play and scores occur. The matches were however sped up so they finished in about 2-3 minutes. It was an interesting concept and would be cool if P&W did something similar or better.
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