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  1. Things I noticed: The number of tanks killed by Soldiers are far too low. Ship vs Ship casualties are low What is airstriking money? How is better, in any sense, than ground attack? Since air superiority is vital to winning a war and planes can be destroyed far too easily, increase rebuy amount for planes. Note: The current ground attack mechanics are fine since it stops people of doing the old air only meta.
  2. I hope my point did come off sounding like I was accusing Rose to be a hegemon or a threat to tier consolidation as I included Yarr in my number of Rose whales. In reference to HW's attack on Rose, their choice to include alliances such as Yarr and RR comes off as way for GG to maintain their tiering advantage by causing billions in infra damages without having to take much themselves.
  3. The main source of friction that led to this war was the fact that the instant that Hollywood was formed, Hollywood went after the only other large concentration of whales in the game, Rose sphere.
  4. Good luck to all.;)
  5. Credit to @Sgaaph He ran out of space to upload memes.
  6. I wish you good fortune for your alliance.
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