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  1. Oops sorry. Have peaced it out thought it was alright to do. Well that sucks was looking forward to the money 😭
  2. Fark won on my simulation of it lmao. Error404 for victory. Hack everything else Everyones doing hunger games rip I just introduced one for my alliance a few hours before
  3. simply sharpen rocks on other rocks to achieve success
  4. I apologise for downvoting but dis first forum post since its back😛
  5. Good to see another alliance, loved the DoE, best of luck to you
  6. weird way of spelling disband
  7. er that change helps raiders
  8. This is factually incorrect. You claim alot of BLM are extremists when in fact the vast majority of looters are looting/rioting for another cause and merely jumping on the BLM bandwagon as a chance to cause havoc. Also ALM are not assumed to be extremists and supremacists, merely racist because at this moment, it is black lives most severely endangered, not white or other non-black races. ALM is used by people who claim they favour equality, but in reality it takes the focus off of black suffering and suggests all races are treated in such a way which is simply not true. Quoting stats like 50% of police killings are white is completely disproportionate to population and shows ignorance of those who support ALM. As the celebrity Seth Rogen said, frick you if you support ALM I do however agree with the main gist of this. Rioters should be arrested where possible as they are not helping the BLM movement and attacking shops and businesses will not support it in the long term, only cause the middle classes to turn away from violence as they have historically. Donations and petitions are needed
  9. Is it particularly important? I mean who gets so many messages thats its more than a 2 second scroll away
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