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  1. TKR right now preparing for the Voidbringers: Welcome aboard! Good luck with the alliance!
  2. I'm trying to read between the lines here. Here's my personal assessment of what's going on here. I'm not going to argue about it, because I'm admitting I could very well be wrong and I'm not strong in these convictions. It's just a gut feeling. I think Camelot was sincere when they publicly apologized. I think it was an attempt to show t$ and others that they were not afraid to only say they were sorry behind closed doors, but also in the public sphere for everyone to see. I think it was meant to be a message that they meant what they were saying in private. Here's how it blew up in their face. A lot of people clearly have disdain for Epi. A lot of the commentary seems like it's a wink wink nudge nuge, alluding to the fact that if they simply removed Epi and threw him to the wolves that it would REALLY prove they were sincere. That's just my take. It could be completely off base. Although, I think most people want them to remove Epi on their own accords, not because they were bullied into it. Where this all backfired, because they made this public, is now if they actually decided to remove Epi for their own reasons, because they felt he was cancerous and bad for their culture, it would publicly appear that they were bullied into it or removed him to save themselves from getting rolled. That's a REALLY bad look for the alliance and a horrible precedent to set. Basically if they kicked Epi now it would sure look like their members could be sent to the chopping block by the rest of Orbis. Why would anyone want to join an alliance that could be bullied by the mob to kick their members to the curb for a "cheek clapping" as Eurimbago puts it lol. I'm just trying to put myself in their shoes. It seems like they're backed into a corner with no good options, although I suppose they've put themselves in this situation. Sincerely wish both sides luck in resolving this.
  3. OOC I’m driving and can’t read responses, but I’ve thought about it and I realized I’m conflating the argument. I’ll save these reservations if war breaks out. The victims have a right to be mad (which I said originally). The post is about forgiveness, not a justification for a war that hasn’t even broke out yet. I retract my previous statement lol.
  4. I'm being absolutely sincere when I ask this. I wasn't around during the war. I've gathered from reading history that it dragged on way too long and the cheating side was particularly brutal in both their terms of surrender and their tactics in battle. After the ban hammer came down, and the tides turned, why did you not only offer peace, but write the agreement, if you weren't satisfied with the terms? I understand lasting resentment and justified sour grapes for what transpired, but I don't understand how people agreed to peace and we're still talking about another potential war for the same conflict. What was the point of peace? A halftime agreement? If you weren't done with Cam then, I'm trying to wrap my head around why you offered peace in the first place. It just seems like reneging to me I guess. Once again, I understand that members have the right to be upset and it's mostly them threatening people, but if you hated Epi so much, why didn't you address it in the peace agreement to deal with him? It seems like you offered peace and now, after the fact, you're making new demands that weren't agreed to initially. I don't know. Like I said, I wasn't around. Maybe if I had been a victim I'd feel differently. Just my two cents.
  5. Good to know. I wish you both the best in these talks and I hope you can find a solution that works out for both alliances.
  6. Good luck to a great alliance! Best wishes to you guys in Orbis!
  7. I agree 100%, but it’s important to realize, whether you like it or not, the reality of the situation is there are a lot of new players like me with no context who simply see this thread at face value. Explaining why Camelot can’t be forgiven and giving details of their past atrocities is way more effective to get people to realize the whole picture or side with your viewpoint than just mocking them and threatening to destroy them. I feel like I’m beating a dead horse, but people will make judgements by looking at what’s written in front of them. Not everyone is up to date on all the history.
  8. To each their own, man. Like I said, if you think they’re full of it then I think you’re doing a disservice by threatening and mocking them. It’s only gaining them more sympathy. And I think there’s a stark difference between giving your personal opinion on a matter and implying the actions of your entire alliance, especially when it’s implying starting a war. If I was leading an alliance I wouldn’t want my members openly implying we were going to roll another alliance. But what do I know? This is exactly my point. I’m not a reroll, just a neutral observer. I’m just giving my outside perspective from reading this thread.
  9. Fair enough. I must have missed the official statement from you guys. That’s definitely a rational approach to things.
  10. No. I’m just saying as someone with no skin in the game, not knowing either of their intentions, publicly it appears Camelot is looking for a peaceful resolution while t$ seems hellbent on starting the next global war. Whether Camelot is sincere or not remains to be seen, but if they aren’t sincere and their intention was to play the victim card to save themselves, t$ is playing right into their hands with all this taunting. It’s just a statement on the public perception of what has transpired here, not a commentary of who I believe or like more.
  11. Like I said, I’m not questioning whether t$ rolling Camelot is or isn’t justifiable. It’s not my place to do so. I’m simply stating that to a casual observer it sure looks like Camelot is willing to talk things out rationally and peacefully, while it seems t$ won’t even come to the table and hear them out. I’m just saying if I were your ally, and willing to put my members on the line for you guys, and I saw you basically baiting and taunting Camelot about how you can’t wait to destroy them, I’d be a little peeved. Regardless of what’s going on behind closed doors, what you say here for the entire world to see matters, because now if t$ decides to roll Camelot day one of the NAP expiring we can all publicly see your attitude and assume you guys never had any intention of trying to work things out peacefully. Whether that’s true or not, or whether intense negotiations and talks are occurring, you’ve boxed them into a corner publicly where you’re opening yourselves up to that scrutiny. I understand you’re not in government, but I’d like to think if I was on the public forums blustering and boasting about how my alliance can’t wait to start the next global war, someone would eventually put a muzzle on me simply because it’s a bad look. I wouldn’t want to make my allies sweat, make my alliance look like it doesn’t have control of its members, nor give people a reason to believe a false narrative about my actions. I have no qualms with you individually or t$, I’m just saying people can see what you’re saying here and they’ll make judgements accordingly.
  12. If t$ decides to roll Camelot for a cause they find just that’s their prerogative. People can argue whether they agree or not until they’re blue in the face. What has me scratching my head is the fact that someone is openly broadcasting this plan in plain sight. I’m not sure how sincere these “cheek clapping” threats are, but in my opinion, publicly revealing intentions to roll another alliance after the NAP expires is a casus belli in itself. It’s, at the very least, muddying the waters of who has the moral high ground. If Camelot came out of the NAP swinging for the fences I think most people would think they were in the wrong, but now if they do it and cite open threats and promises of aggression against them it would be a lot harder to blame them. Especially after trying to apologize. Whether you think Camelot is doing this to save their arse or not, they’ve extended a hand and tried to make amends in the name of peace. On the other side it seems peace isn’t negotiable and war is inevitable. Basically, one side is at least appearing to attempt to resolve things peacefully. The other seems to be itching for war.
  13. This thread is just the gift that keeps on giving.
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