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  1. Eugene Faulkner III announces new Constitution Eugene Faulkner III current ruler of Belveria announced today of the creation of a new Constitution and Declaration for the nation of Belveria. In an address to the crowds gathered from across the former nation of Erusea, the newly appointed ruler announced the dissolving of the former Imperial Court that ruled in the absence of Eugene Faulkner II who passed away several years ago and announced instead the reforming of the Belverian Congress. "The Imperial Court after the death of my father ruined this nation and brought death and decay to our homes. Under their rule, the people suffered greatly and the nation tore itself apart from the inside. As the new leader I can not allow that to continue nor can I allow the legacy of our former nation forever be marred with images of despair and doom. It is time that we make a step forward. Much like my great grandfather James Faulkner did with the Erusean Civil War that led to the creation of the Military Monarchy and powerful Military Government." Under the new Constitution, the Imperial Court was dissolved and all rights, powers, privileges, and titles of nobility were removed. The newly reformed Belverian Congress (referred to as the 2nd Belverian Congress) will be elected officials from each of the city-states that make up the nation of Belveria. The Imperial Throne and Monarchy will remain in power but will divert a great deal of its power to Congress. As to what powers still belong to the Monarch has yet to be announced but with the elections set for a few months away, the people believe that the current strongest party the Noblest Party will gain the majority of the seats. It is believed that the Belverian Union Party will take the second majority of seats followed by a much smaller third party of the Conservative Liberty Party.
  2. The once large and powerful nation of Erusa lead by the former Imperial Family's heir Eugene Faulkner son of James Faulkner founder of the Military Monarchy of Erusea later the Imperial Republic of Erusea would fall to strive created by the turmoil of constant warfare, continued internal power struggles and the death of Eugene Faulkner II heir of Eugene Faulkner and sworn Eternal Emperor of Erusa. The death of Eugene Faulkner II lead to a split in the family as well as putting them at odds with Imperial Court. Civil war soon broke out and thus the nation of Erusea was no more. After years of civil war and the destruction of the old former ways and symbols, a new group has established control over the small fledgling empire and is now working to restore it to its former glory. Under the stewardship Eugene Faulkner III the newly formed political group under the name the "Noblest Party" has restructured the governing body and has decided to create a new nation under a name formerly used by Erusea for a short time during the "Democratic Uprising" which saw a small time of transition of power from the Imperial Family to a Democratically elected government under the name of the Belverian Congress. It is currently unclear to the rest of the world if the newly formed Government under the leadership of Eugene Faulkner III will be any different than those that came before him but the people of Belveria believe that this is a new beginning for their people and the hope to see their empire grow and prosper.
  3. Ah yes I remember the time that Terradoxia got slammed as a whole for an exploit that only a couple knew about. Glad to see the mob mentality hasn't changed. I truly believe some people just have to have a reason to complain. He removed the ones that can be linked to the exploit, he told everyone there was one, I'm assuming he fixed it and now it's time to move on instead of going on some witch hunt like what happened to Terradoxia.
  4. Best of wishes to you on your new alliance brother. *salute*
  5. Is it Friday yet?

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      I am counting mine down that is for sure.


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  6. I am sorry for your loss. My condolences to you and your family. Losing someone suddenly is an extremely hard event.
  7. I'm not flattered being the decapitated head but not a pic none the less. You could of got my good side though lol.
  8. While I could attempt to point out the flaw in your logic I will not do so as it is a waste of my time and effort. Just suffice it to say that if it can be done in other games of this nature and implemented without issue then it can be done here. But on a related note if you don't feel that it is enough of damage then I guess we could just say that if a nuke hits your city it wipes out all military units stationed in that city ranging from Soldiers, Tanks, Aircraft, and Ships and then you would have nukers just sling at least one nuke at every city until you have no military left. It is called balance for reason.
  9. Why not base the Stock Market on Nation production and trade instead of a fake artificial market system? In a sense the Resource Market goes up and down much like a Stock Market based on the number of nations producing raw or refined resources. In essence it could be almost like "Futures" Stock where you are banking on the price of a certain resource to increase allowing you make money and in the condition that it fell you are losing money. Also you could hypothetically invest directly into a nation though that may be a bit more tricky and have a great deal of codding involved as well as more thought as to HOW it would actually work.
  10. At least it would be a step in the right direction...and may lead to updates that would eventually fix the problem...or at least ease it.
  11. And if you don't agree the Commissar will shoot you to raise morale.
  12. I know this has been discussed once a long time ago about the need to look into a system that allowed nations to prioritize military units by either "Deploying" them to wage war, or to simply maintain them at home for defensive purposes. I think we should revisit that and look into doing this. I also think with the new system we should look into maybe adding a new set of Improvements called "Defense" which would have the improvements Bunkers, Artillery Base, Naval Guns, and Anti-Air Cannons (or equal like building names) Each improvement would add a small percentage of chance of defending against a larger enemy force. Obviously bunkers would increase your success for soldiers and the Artillery Base for tanks making Ground Battles a little tougher, AA would make Air Strikes tougher, and Naval Guns would make Blockades and Naval Strikes harder. I think Deploying would add a new dynamic to war making you strategize more prior to waging a war.
  13. I do think that in the case of a Nuclear strike that the side that gets nuked should lose military forces. I mean realistically if your in the middle of war and someone nukes you the ability to "protect" all your troops is pretty shady at best. Say when a city gets nuked you lose 1/3 of the amount of troops supported by that city. If they city gets nuked 3 times then you'd lose all troops normally supported by that city.
  14. The market has gotten out of hand and I agree with the statements that it has gotten harder for smaller nations to grow effectively. In turn this has also stagnated the concept of alliances to an extent. Now if you don't join a large alliance that can finance (or at least is willing to finance) your growth you are not going to get far. What really should be a red flag for the markets was when the price of Raw in some cases I have seen cost more than the price of a Manufactured resource. I don't have a problem with the updates per say...but I think it was an update that was massive and was implemented way to fast and all at one time instead of making slight updates here and there to watch to see how the markets did as well as to watch and see how everyone was able to react as well as to give everyone time to react and make changes. I also think there are some things that need to be looked at into updating that could be used to help with the current problems such as new Projects, new improvements, maybe a new resource (though I honestly doubt that would help much). There is no "easy" fix to this issue but nothing is ever easy.
  15. In recent years following constant media blackouts, numerous internal changes, economic decay, international wars and internal strife among the citizens and the Imperial Courts and the current Emperor Eugene Faulkner the II, the Emperor has made the following declaration to the people of Erusea: "The people of Erusea have seen both the Golden Age of our people, the rise and fall of our nation, the good, the bad, and in times of war, the ugly. To that end the spirit of Erusea has been overshadowed by those in the Imperial Court that have used our citizens and our nations resources to obtain their own personal wealth. Using their authority granted by my father Eugene Faulkner, they have created a society filled with despair and grief. My grandfather James Faulkner the founder of Erusea under the Military Monarchy secured our freedom and prosperity through an iron fist and iron will. The time has come that we make a new change. One that reflects the will of the people and the need of our nation. As we speak I have issued a final directive to be carried out at once without delay. As of this moment the Imperial Court of Erusea is dissolved and all authority, power, and resources at those within its halls are hereby removed. Within six months we will be having our first election to elect representatives from each city that will comprise our newly formed government. Upon the election completion and the authority of the Monarchy will be removed and transferred to the newly elected government and its head. Let this be a new beginning for us all." As this transmission is being transmitted the Military Police have been dispatched to arrest and remove the former members of the Imperial Court and place them under arrest for crimes against the people, and crimes against the state.
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