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  1. do to the throwing of memes between Ti and Sunray. Sunray won the battle but TI got salty and decided to bring it to PnW. i see you killzbob, i saw that you declared on me and it's on now buddy. come on with your weak attacks. say goodbye to your pixels. you lost the meme war and you will this one.
  2. I know right, imagine declaring on someone just because the allied with someone you didn't like. Imagine that being your CB. keeping in mind we allied after the war was done
  3. Stop my pp can only get so erect
  4. Maybe,now this is just an idea. Maybe you just need to get good at the game and not cry when your pixels burn
  5. Jokes on you, I owned a meme alliance. Get gud and get better at memes
  6. Goodbye mate, I enjoyed my time with you for as short as it was. It was a pleasure meeting you and spending some nights laughing with you. Best of luck to you.
  7. I don't know what is worse, aurora not being able to give proper help so compass has to ask pantheon. Or letting a retarded FA speak for your whole alliance on the forums.
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