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  1. I like winter I remember my childhood Riding a sleigh Wrestling people putting them to snow Even boxing sometimes, winter clothes are efficient in damage mitigation Hiking in mountains Throwing showballs, making a snow man Singing carols, giving and receiving gifts Spending the most beautiful celebration with those dead of you Winter!
  2. My favorite season winter Good luck!
  3. Good luck running your alliance!
  4. Oh, Phoenyx, how are you? Long time no see *waves* May I give you a cup of wine?
  5. Nova Roma disbands, uh uh, we are here Helmajian people (Nova Roma people) are here organising bloc parties, we celebrate a new city to be built soon. (( RP as Roma people in Orbis )) *Be careful with that big bonfire! No, no, put down that machine gun down, no more gunfire celebrations. Why are you dressed like a groom, go home and change your tracksuit into something better. Ah my ears!, music all loud.* Big celebration! With love from Helmajia, Mituss Vlacheski, Chief of Police Department of 5th District of Otca
  6. Awesome *celebratory gunfire*
  7. Alliance of the Year: Most Powerful Alliance: Most Improved Alliance: Best Rookie Alliance (must be an alliance formed in 2020): Most Missed Alliance: Best Alliance for New Players: Most Honorable Alliance: Most Immoral Alliance: Most Controversial Alliance: Biggest Warmongers: Biggest Pixel-Huggers: Worst Fighting Alliance: Best Alliance Growth: Biggest Alliance Decline: Most Likely to Succeed in 2021: Most Likely to be Rolled in 2021: Best Economics Department: Best Foreign Affairs Department: Best Internal Affairs Department: Best Milcom Department: Best Government Line-Up: Best Bloc (can be a bloc that disbanded this year): Best Foreign Affairs Move: Worst Foreign Affairs Move: Best Treaty Announcement (please link): Best Declaration of War (please link): Best Propaganda Post (please link): Alliance with Best In-Character Posts: Alliance with Best Propaganda: Best Alliance Ad (please link): Best Flag (peacetime/standard flags only please): Best War Flag: Best Holiday Flag: None
  8. One thing to understand is that Quack or any other side will want to have peace when some "checkpoints" are achieved.
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