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  1. One thing to understand is that Quack or any other side will want to have peace when some "checkpoints" are achieved.
  2. I was half kiddin' half serious My perspective why this global war emmerged, I may be wrong which I apologize - Quack and any other blocs has been expanding much and like without having a "dialogue" between them (a cold war?) - Grabbing and reintegrating a "ex-bloc" (TCW, TEst and Carthago) into a bloc, they had pretty good relations, so it is an opportunity for a bloc to bind them togheter again - SWAMP and Arrgh war, a rising tension factor, the single bloc to be busy with wars when many others bloc are ay peace, gathering unwanted attention for future attack oppo
  3. Stop talking and fight Now only army divisions matters most, not who is wrong or who is right Pew pew pew
  4. just deleted a topic.
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