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  1. Victory to AC! Victory to Pantheon! Good luck guys!
  2. Pantheon has been through a lot this past year and with much experience with events just like this I’m confident that yet another victory will be added to the Pantheon column. Have fun taking down your enemies o7
  3. What do you mean? This is super big brain. We can just take 1 coal from every alliance, then we'll have 10 million coal, right? @MinesomeMC
  4. Oh frick, I think my time to retire has come too
  5. Good fighting everyone, good luck on your rebuilds and congrats on peace from Aurora
  6. Happy four years and first ever Northerners Day from your friends in space ❤️
  7. Aurora recognizes hostilities with The Swamp for its attacks on us and our allies, Additionally Aurora will uphold its commitments and treaties no matter the cost Long Live Aurora!
  8. "We didn't call in an oAP, we both had problems and we both solved them." - Sameeeee Also no one is whining here but you last I checked?
  9. Didn't they just go to war defending their prot? I don't know why this is shocking.. Hedge-Swamp vs TCW Sphere 👀
  10. “Jack notified Kan of the bloc” - You mean he notified us while we were at war with you guys? And literally minutes before you posted your blocs creation on the forums? Don’t mix up the order of the events. We blitzed TCM, then they notified us of the bloc, not the other way around. Also your reasoning on the retirement, I thought Arctic was leader, he seems like a more capable leader than you too, maybe it has leadership issues cause every time you retire, you come back and say you’re leader again, so they can’t do anything anyway.
  11. First, after Fin deletes his response. Thanks
  12. I pledge my sword to the banner of the King in the North, Zygon Stark By the old gods and the new down with the tyranny of the Squeegee with honor, loyalty, and direwolves for all
  13. The Honda Accords Preamble: Church of Atom and Aurora do hereby enter into this treaty of mutual defense and optional aggression in the spirit of unity, joint military defense, and greater communication. Article I: Both parties understand that this treaty does not infringe upon the sovereignty of either signatory. Article II: Both parties shall act with a level of decorum and respect in public areas toward the other signatory. Private areas are another story; they may feel free to insult each other there. Also, no warfare against each other. Warring against each other? That's a paddlin'. Article III: Should either party come upon information pertaining to the safety of the other, they shall provide it to the first party as soon as possible. Should either party request the monetary, technological or informational assistance of the other, it is recommended that it be shared. Article IV: Should either party come under attack, the other is required to come to the defense of the first upon request. Should this defense be required after honoring a 3rd party treaty, this defense becomes optional. Article V: Should either party declare an aggressive war, the other is highly encouraged to come to the military assistance of the first. Article VI: Should either party wish to cancel this treaty, it may be canceled at any time with proper notification of the other party, followed by 72 hours. After this, the treaty is nullified. Article VII: It is understood by both parties, Carole frickin’ Baskin is a lying !@#$ who killed her husband and set up Joe Exotic. Signed for Aurora: Leader: RandBeforeTime 2nd in Command: AinzOwnGoal Head FA: Iran Staff Officer FA: Python Signed for Church of Atom: His Holiness, Pontifex Atomicus, James II The Cardinals: Kongo Jack, Soxirella, John Baraboo, rollo, Keza Purple
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