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  1. I don't dislike the idea and I wouldn't get mad or smth if it was implemented, it's just that i don't think this would really improve the game much gameplay wise. I think this would just mean that people now have a bigger rebuy (assuming the amount of troops that can be bought has a cap), but not really change anything or introduce smth new. Alex only has limited resources and and I would rather see Alex use those to implement mechanics that are new and make the game more engaging, like his UN concept for example.
  2. I love how it only took one hour for people to talk shit about fraggle for really no reason at all in what was just a "farewell i wish you all well" thread.
  3. I dislike the idea of making this an alliance thing, most politics are already controlled by around 3% of the players if even that, i would rather prefer if the UN would be a way for all nations to participate a little. Alliances could still encourage members to vote in their respective alliances interests.
  4. the United Leagues, Coalitions, Federations, Unions and Councils for the regulation of the International and Extraterrestrial Affairs off and on Orbis or tULCFUaCftrotIaEAoaoO for short
  5. You forgot the crucial step of shifting all the blame on people who already left/ got banned so noone can ever verify if you are telling the truth
  6. So does that mean Talmor's right...? I'm getting mixed signals here...
  7. A warning was issued.
  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rohingya_genocide Buddhism also has it's "darker side" which is not often recognized in the west because Buddhism has kinda become the go to spirituality thing for hippie white people.
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