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  1. Last night, I did something unjustifiable. In response to a forum post made by the leaders of GATO about a treaty they made with VT, I said many things that I shouldn't have. Jokes are jokes, but I crossed the line and then kept going for another mile. The things that I said were offensive, disrespectful and rude. In this letter, I wish only to apologize. I’m not going to sit here and try to sell you all some tale about how I wasn’t thinking or about how I meant something different when I made my comment. I’m not going to try and tell you all why you shouldn’t be angry at me for what I said because that anger is very much deserved. All I want to do is to try to right my wrongs. Firstly, I want to apologize to GATO and VT. Neither of you did anything to deserve the things that I chose to say to you. I should have been much nicer to you and encouraged you, instead of trying to ruin your experience for my amusement. I should’ve thought about your feelings before I started typing out my message. I was inconsiderate and disdainful. By choosing to say what I did, I stole the attention away from you and put it all on myself. For all of those things, I am very sorry. Secondly, I want to apologize to the other members of my alliance, Ignis Aternum. My actions have tarnished our alliance’s name for many months to come. You deserve to have a second-in-command who tries to help those around us, rather than one who makes selfish attempts to strike them down. The things that I chose to say and do last night are a perfect example of how you should not behave. I hope to be a better friend, leader and representative of our ideals in the future. Thirdly, I would like to apologize to our protectorate, Error 404. Through your association with Ignis Aternum, I have tarnished your name as well. You deserve to have allies who try to help you advance your goals, rather than who harm your ability to achieve those goals due to their selfishness. I hope that I can be a much better ally in the future. Finally, I want to apologize to the PnW community. I offended many of you by choosing to say the things that I did and for that, I am truly sorry. Many of you immediately stood up to me to make sure I knew that what I did was wrong. For that, I thank you. I was a bully and I deserved to be told off. In the future, I hope to be much nicer and more considerate of others, no matter the ranking of their nation or their alliance. Ultimately, it is just a game and those things don’t matter. We are all humans and we all deserve to be treated as such. The fact that we’re behind usernames and screens does not give anyone the right to spew vulgarities and rudeness. An apology is the first part of righting my wrongs, but taking action is the second. Upon posting this letter, I will be entering vacation mode for the next two weeks to give myself time to reflect upon my choices. I hope to determine if there was a deeper reason for why I chose to do and say the things that I did so that I correct it and avoid hurting more people in the future. When I return, I hope to be a much better friend and community member to all of you.
  2. Literally no one cares about your shitty little micro and your O-level treaties. Come talk to us when you do something that's actually relevant. Your builds are complete and utter garbage; you should try going to an actual alliance who knows what they're doing. Disband immediately.
  3. In light of recent events (Sorry to disappoint y'all but this isn’t Ignis Aternum disbanding again), we felt the need to make a post. This is actually incredibly important. I know y’all don’t really like us, and that a lot of you will likely think this is fake, but please read this and consider the evidence. Ignis Aternum was at the epicenter for The Howling’s reveal today. For those who were unaware, The Howling was a secret society whose intentions were to steal documents and war plans from every alliance in the game and to control world affairs by manipulating government members of various alliances. Three former members of our alliance were the ones running this operation, thus we felt that it is important that you get a post from us about the issue. Hadiez, the ringleader of the group, continues to hold firm to the claim that The Howling never existed. However, with the screenshots in the link below, it seems all too possible that it did. If it never existed, why is he going so through much trouble to try to convince everyone? The fact that he is trying so hard to sell this concept that he created a fake secret society as a joke, in my opinion, suggests that he is trying to simply hide his actions and from the consequences of those actions. Also, take into account the fact that he decided to quit the game as soon as the leaks came out. Why would he quit in response to leaks about a society that never actually existed? I know it seems like this was nothing more than a troll, but consider that we have been dealing with this all day, and with the full document and the screenshots below, it seems nearly impossible that The Howling wasn’t real in some capacity. We have created a document that expands on our thoughts on the matter and shows the evidence we have to support the idea that The Howling was a real organization whose intentions were to cause harm to all of Orbis. If you are interested, that document will be linked here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UJcOIgFcHytxlwENtlWuAolfOw0ieHUvyqAfCiRkhvs/edit?usp=sharing
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