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  1. Last night, I did something unjustifiable. In response to a forum post made by the leaders of GATO about a treaty they made with VT, I said many things that I shouldn't have. Jokes are jokes, but I crossed the line and then kept going for another mile. The things that I said were offensive, disrespectful and rude. In this letter, I wish only to apologize. I’m not going to sit here and try to sell you all some tale about how I wasn’t thinking or about how I meant something different when I made my comment. I’m not going to try and tell you all why you shouldn’t be angry at me for wha
  2. Literally no one cares about your shitty little micro and your O-level treaties. Come talk to us when you do something that's actually relevant. Your builds are complete and utter garbage; you should try going to an actual alliance who knows what they're doing. Disband immediately.
  3. In light of recent events (Sorry to disappoint y'all but this isn’t Ignis Aternum disbanding again), we felt the need to make a post. This is actually incredibly important. I know y’all don’t really like us, and that a lot of you will likely think this is fake, but please read this and consider the evidence. Ignis Aternum was at the epicenter for The Howling’s reveal today. For those who were unaware, The Howling was a secret society whose intentions were to steal documents and war plans from every alliance in the game and to control world affairs by manipulating government members of var
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