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  1. Best Alliance Theme: KT Best Alliance Page: Arrgh (Made by Mars)Best Alliance Discord: Rose Most Engaged Alliance: Eclipse Best Gaming Crew: Eclipse Best Business (news outlets, banks, graphic design companies, etc): RON , Thalmoria Best Art Designer: Mars Best Moderator (can be either forums or discord): Adrienne Best Community Contributor: Theodosius Best New Addition to the Community: Al Sahina Funniest Player: Hidude Nicest Player: Yui
  2. Player of the Year: IsjakiMost Influential Player: TheodosiusMost Likely to Succeed in 2021: Al Sahina Best Alliance Leader: Denison Best Government Member (not a leader): Vero Best General Member: Katachai Most Missed Player: Evil Piggy Best IC Poster: Hidude Largest E-Peen: Ripper Best Fighter: KingGhost Best Raider: Dryad Most Controversial Player: Dwight K Schrute Player You’re Pretty Sure will be Playing in 2050: Dr Rush Best Player Avatar: Adrienne Best Player Signature: Epimetheus Best Nation Theme: Adrienne Best Nation Page Design: Blackbird
  3. Salve fellow leader here's my GW-16 stats , Source- Carth Site
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