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    IRL- I love politics and history, plus philosophy is always fun.
    P&W- Foreign Affairs is my sort of thing, with maybe a dash of Military Affairs every now and then. I have lots of experience with FA though. Pretty good at Econ if needed.
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  1. Lmao. Today was fun.
    How many times have I been hospitalized for suicide/depression-related activities? God only knows.

    1. Firwof Kromwell

      Firwof Kromwell

      I send the best of cares for you maan

    2. Nadya Iwakura

      Nadya Iwakura

      Hope you feel better, and stay safe.

    3. Fola


      I don't think we have ever spoken really, but i just saw this on my sidebar and wanted to say that i hope all goes well for you in the end. Hope it is better for you soon.

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