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  1. --repost--

    Oh, and a cop in NYC was run over by a car. 

    In my area, lots of small family owned businesses that are already having trouble due to the corona virus, are now being looted.

    Disgusting. How can you be a human being and commit atrocities against innocent individuals like this? The murderer of Floyd was arrested, what more could you possibly want? Justice was and is being served, why ruin your reputation by acting like terrorists?

    If mass executions were legal, do you picture yourself sitting home with your family in a few days or on a firing line? Think about that next time you are rioting.

    Free speech? Yes. Protesting? Yes. Rioting? Go frick yourself.
    Running over cops, beating up innocent civilians, razing city blocs? You are the scum of this great country, and the Earth as a whole.

    I get the frustration, I really truly do. What that evil and misguided police officer did was unacceptable. Yes there are bad cops. But there are also many...well.....okay cops. And some really good cops. They have families and lives and their own issues as much as anyone else.

    Did you know that Floyd and the cop that killed him worked at a nightclub together? What if the cop killed him over something at that nightclub? Why does everyone jump to racism? Maybe it was racism, but did you know that 2 of the cops weren't even white?  Oh, this is the real kicker. Since 2015, 4,728 people across the country have died in police shootings and approximately half - 2,385 - were white. Out of the remainder, 1,252 were black, 877 were Hispanic and 214 were from other racial groups. That doesn't look like racism if I do say so myself. If anything, maybe whites are being targeted? You don't see "White Lives Matter" when a white guy is killed by a cop, now do you? 

    There was many issues, and that cop was a shitty cop period. Still doesn't validate the anarchy occurring around the country.

    As of now, ~50 officers have been killed or seriously injured in riots around the nations. Many have families that are either left behind or have to pay for medical care even when money is scarce.

    Thousands of innocent civilians are being injured and/or killed, now including friends and family members of mine.

    Businesses are being ransacked and many will not recover.

    If you are marching and protesting, that's fine. Continue. It is your right.

    If you are attacking police officers, civilians, destroying businesses, et cetera...well....let's hope you and I never meet. I may be scrawny, but I am an excellent shot.

    That is my very offensive and probably gonna get me banned rant.

    1. Corpsman


      *sigh* in other news I finally got my Proactiv skin care stuff. 

    2. Firwof Kromwell

      Firwof Kromwell

      Im w/ ya maan


    3. Nadya Iwakura

      Nadya Iwakura

      A dissatisfaction with the oppression that is considered status quo in the police, the state, and capitalism is what caused this. The people are rising up not for only the removal of the police involved in this incident, but for an actual change. It is far deeper than only police violence, but it is the crux in these times.

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