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  1. Real men don't ever go into vacation mode.
  2. I think someone ordered a little to much salt.
  3. Blood for the blood God. Rolling these panzer treads North.
  4. Congrats and Good luck bud. Here's to a swift rebuild o7.
  5. Hate to burst your bubble but I am relevant unlike you. Also TEst will continue to live and it's mark will forever be in this game same as old Arrgh. Not whatever sorry excuse you are.
  6. No one gives a flying #%$&
  7. I miss when Arrgh was actually cool. Oh Ogaden we miss you.
  8. Here for the free nuke. I hate cheaters.
  9. Says the coalition with no infra at the start of the war. Shut your trap.
  10. This is Amazing. I need this achievement.
  11. I honestly had mixed feelings at the beginning of this war. But the true colors are really starting to show. I now feel right on the side I'm fighting for.
  12. I didn't even know you were in the war XD. To bad i guess coulda had more targets. More respect??? Please lmao.
  13. Zues


    Give it a Damn rest dude....
  14. Yay fresh blood to harvest for Khorne.
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