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  1. Real men don't ever go into vacation mode.
  2. I think someone ordered a little to much salt.
  3. Blood for the blood God. Rolling these panzer treads North.
  4. Congrats and Good luck bud. Here's to a swift rebuild o7.
  5. Hate to burst your bubble but I am relevant unlike you. Also TEst will continue to live and it's mark will forever be in this game same as old Arrgh. Not whatever sorry excuse you are.
  6. I miss when Arrgh was actually cool. Oh Ogaden we miss you.
  7. Here for the free nuke. I hate cheaters.
  8. Says the coalition with no infra at the start of the war. Shut your trap.
  9. This is Amazing. I need this achievement.
  10. I honestly had mixed feelings at the beginning of this war. But the true colors are really starting to show. I now feel right on the side I'm fighting for.
  11. I didn't even know you were in the war XD. To bad i guess coulda had more targets. More respect??? Please lmao.
  12. Zues


    Give it a Damn rest dude....
  13. Yay fresh blood to harvest for Khorne.
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