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  1. Zues

    House Arryn first decleration

    Yay fresh blood to harvest for Khorne.
  2. Zues

    PC Principal

    Ah that explains it. Trump hurt your poor little feelings. It will be okay though he only has 5 more years to go.
  3. Zues

    PC Principal

    Says the triggered one lmao. How about you make me?
  4. Zues

    Guys let's chill out

    Nah I like stealing your soup. You tried hard in your fight. But you lost.
  5. Zues

    RNN: Fall of the Fallen Angels

    I don't even know who you are or what alliance this is about. I don't care either.
  6. Zues

    PC Principal

    This game is becoming way to politically correct and infested by liberal snowflakes.
  7. Zues

    Declaration of War

    Thanks for noticing! On the contrary you posting about my post has no significant value either! Shocker.
  8. Zues

    Declaration of War

    Let the salt flow.
  9. Two queers disliked this post.
  10. Zues

    End of the Great Sock War and Mr.Fox's last stand

    Respect o7
  11. Thank you Alex this is real justice. Sheepy is back in town boys and girls!
  12. Wow Alex you have banned people in the past 5 years for way less then this. You need to do more this is absolutely unacceptable. If you let them off Scott free with this your opening the door for more exploits to be taken advantage of. Your lack of punishment for this clear exploit of the game is a massive let down to this community.
  13. Zues

    ANN - Ghost Ships and Magic Treasure!

    Reminds me of a time when us in TEst took a little trip to Terradoxia

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